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Hey guys...I've fished for many years but never from the yak...bought one this year but haven't had the time and feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. I have an Ocean Kayak 2 man sit on top....can you guys give me some idea as to what type of gear you fish you wear..anything else that will get me in the water for the fall run. Thanks. I ususally fish in lower fairfield county CT.




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Welcome to the world of yakking Luke.If you have the time go back thru some of the posts and read up lots of good stuff in there.Luke have you been fishing the salt or are you new to it?You can use all of your shore tackle and once you get the hang of it you can specialize your equipment to meet certain needs.Most of us are new to this so we learn together and from each other.


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Hey BigLuke!

Welcome to the sport!

I'm a newbie myself.

I've been out on the water 2x.

See past post"Virgin Voyage" to see how I started out.

I'm getting the hang of it now and it's GREAT!

Clothing was my biggest problem.

See past post"OUTER WEAR" for some responces I received.

After a few mistakes, I took the advice of others here and I now wear the following:

Breathable stocking foot waders,

Black Rock Jacket from NRS.

The jkt has neoprene at the waist, neck and wrists to keep water out and roomy enough to layer underneath.

I wear rubber sandals that velcro over the feet.

As for gear,I have been flyfishing exclusively for years but I am now preping my old spinning gear.

I think this will afford me more possibilities for catching fish.

I intend to pick up a drift sock also to help me stay put.

I have a Cobra Navigator which I have rigged for fishing ie: Scotty rod holder in front of me, clips on the side for another rod, etc.

I bought it from JonS(the moderator of the kayaking forum).

He got me started.

The gyz on this site are great!

Just ask questions and get out on the water as much as possible so you feel secure and confident.

Don't forget to take time to practice re-entering your yak from the water after a spill.

Good thing to know!wink.gif

I fish Little Neck Bay, Glen Cove areas so far.

Hoping to see some other water w/ the help of this site.

Good luck!


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Welcome BigLuke,

Try joev's idea and look through the past posts. I haven't done much outfitting the kayak yet. I 've been fishing mainly Bridgeport to Norwalk and it's been a lot slower than last year.



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Thanks to all....Yeah has been slow. I've been fishing the sound for the past 4 years and this by far is the slowest. Maybe it's the natural cycle of things..who knows. But the water is still very warm...maybe the big blow this weekend will give it a shot in the arm and next week it'll pick up.

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