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Snagged? No Problem...

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I took a stroll down at King Harbor to look for kayak fisherman. This fellow was a shore fisherman with a tuff snag problem. Either he was very poor, very stubborn, or just wanted his dang sinker back! I see this guy strip down to his skiveys on the rocks, make the sign of the cross upon his chest as he muttered a prayer and then he jumped in the drink with his boat rod held high. I'll call him Bob wink.gif




Bob proceeds to swim out beyond his snag and start tugging on this rig while treading water.




How Sweet it is! icon14.gifVictory is his. It looked like he had a fairly complex leader with a big sinker and maybe three dropper hooks on it. His bait was gone though. Score: Bob 1, GWS 0.




There was a lone kayak fisherman heading in from the "outside" this late, Sunday afternoon. It was a Wilderness Systems Ride.





This yakfisherman is just inside the Jetty heading to the hand-launch dock.






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Here is a shot of our hand-carry dock at King Harbor. It is very nice to have the use of it for kayaks, canoes, skiffs, pramms and PWC




Rules. Gotta have them. You can tie-up to some cleats, but just until you get your act together.




The WS Ride above is a nice rig! It had a E-Trex GPS mounted left side of cockpit rail on Garmin factory mount. The Fish Finder is a Pirahna 5 mounted forward. There is a bait tank in the back, and a tackle bag too. The two flush mount rod holders are aft mounted, and there is a Scotty base located on the left cockpit rail.The battery is below deck accessed through the fwd hatch and is velcro'ed to the hull.


The Xducer is internally mounted aft. The owner is having some problems with bubbles interferring with the Sonar readings sometimes; due to the tunnel hull design. He said that the scupper shoots water up when he hits a swell,or chop, so he has to plug it up to stay dry.



The harbor on a lazy afternoon in the heat of summer.




So there is a slice of King Harbor, Redondo Beach, California, USA, Earth for you on June 23,2002...




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