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Are tica rods junk?

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I own a 7 foot and 8 foot surf rod from tica. Love them both. They have good quality for their price and I have been using them a lot in the last few years. Everything from fluke to 20 pound bass. I do not have any experience with the salmon steal head but I do trust tica rods in general.

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The surf and wreck rods are some of the best deals for the money out there. No experience with the Salmon rod, but the company and the stuff I used have been tough as nails.

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No, not junk.  I own 1,  a 12 ft I believe rated 4-10oz  I bought in Hatteras, NC on the fly after snapping another rod while I was down there.  It's at least 10 or 12 years old and I've used and abused it over the years.  It's no frills and heavy but it gets the job done and has held up.  Casts well and can handle a chunk and 8 pretty easily.  Definitely worth the money I paid for it, in my opinion.

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The only downside are the guides.  I found one locally for 35$, and just had the guides upgraded to hardloys.  Very good rod for the money though.  If I was buying new, I'd put a light bead of super glue around the ceramic insert on the guide.  Should keep them from popping out for quite a while. 

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I have 2 tica surf rods and they have been flawless for the past 4 seasons,they have my full confidence,,i'd say jump on one and see how it does.

i also have 2 of their winch reels and they have been great except the drags which chatter a bit.




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I think I own 3. The more I use them the more I like them. 1 is in my main rotation after being bought at 1st for a backup

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