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Nahant Guy

Advise on Kayak

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I plan on buying a sit on top ocean kayak and have surfed the net and visited various stores (EMS/REI). I could use some advise from an experienced kayak fisherman vs. sales people who do not have a clue. I don't plan on going too far from the Mass. northshore coast.

What manufacturers should I be looking at?

What is the best bang for the buck?

Should I buy one with a rudder?

What length should I be looking at?

Where is the best place in Mass or NH (taxes) to buy?

Not including accessories, how much $$ am I looking at?

I am not worried about transporting as I only live 150 feet from the beach.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Check Wilderness Systems on line. Look for T-140 or T-160i's. It is call a Tarpon and the 14 is good but the 16 is better. Definately go with a rudder system. Factory installed if you can get it.


Goose Hummock has them in Orleans on the cape.


Check the "Talk me into buying a Kayak" posted by the Dude a few threads below yours.


it will same me and others reposting the same stuff to you that was posted to the Dude!


Tiverton's Sakonnet Boathousein RI has a bay or pond right behind them and it is closer to you than the Goose Hummock in Orleans. You don't pay any tax on water craft and accessories in little Rhoady. Life jacket, paddle, etc.


Good luck and let us know how you made out! icon14.gif

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Hey Nahant Guy welcome icon14.gif

I also live in Nahant . Small world - small town. I sent you a PM to get you started. I just went trough this 2 weeks ago. I will be talking to you.

this is what I purchased ( I am a lousy shopper so prices may be high )


Tarpon 140 Angler $716

($1024 with 30 % off) rudder, 2 flush mount rod holders, 1 scotty trolling holder,

paddle $50

PDF $70

small combo light, compas, whistle attached to PDF $20

c-light attached to PDF $10


This got me on the water for $866


Then I purchased what I thought would allow me to fish with some safety.


Icom IC-M32 Waterproof VHF Radio (attached to PDF) $150

Eagle Seafinder 320 (depth & fishfinder) waterproof $200.00

Ram Mount for fishfinder $33

2 6v drycell batteries for fishfinder $5

#4 - 4 x 4 inch reflective Tape Patches $13.00

Numark Drift anchor - 36 $30

50 ft parachord for sea anchor $5 (may need additional 50 ft )


$436 + $866 = $1302




10 foot lock cable $20

PDL socks $31

cheap car carrier $40

leatherman $10


$101 + $1302 = $1403


I already had

large waterproof flashlight

hands free red \\ white light small

an emergency knife that I keep attached to PDF

2mm wetsuit


marine goop


Still need

drytop & Bottom for summer

paddlefloat ( must have )

cabalas rechargeable 12v battery

otterbox maybe


I dumped the cheap car carrier and bought a Thule system soup to nuts $340.


The installation of the bars & mounts was easy as well as mounting the Hull-a-port. I really like loading and unloading with the hull-a-port. I can easily load the bow first then pick up the stern and slide my Tarpon 140 forward till centered. Then I just drop it in place & tie it down. I like the standing beside the car loading much better than sliding the yak up and over the trunk. I can keep my back straight and apply power with my legs. I have much more controll of my yak. It does not feel awkward at all. The handles on the tarpon could have been better designed, I created an extension for the handle to eliminate a pinch point. Unloading is even better. since it is high up I mearly lean the yak over my head and press up to clear the J type mount. I leave it balanced on my head or shoulder and walk it where I want. At 63 lbs and 14 ft it's not bad. I have not tried this on a truly windy day but a 5 knt wind is managable.


[ 05-27-2005, 11:47 AM: Message edited by: seadogface ]

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I suggest Wilderness Systems, I have demo many and find they have the best hull. Others may seem more stable, but don't buy a barge because you are new. I have a WS Tarpon 120 and it is the best utility yak on the market. If you live in Nahant and fish the open ocean the 140 or 160 may be better, if you go with either of those two you need a rudder with the 120 its not neccessary. Check out Bob Smiths Wilderness House they are having a demo day this weekend and carry WS, also look up ne****.com Mark there has a T140 for sale, and is a great guy.

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