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You guys from up north way , keep a good look out

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11/12/01 3:12:10 PM

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Did you see this report from the East Hampton Star? Wonder if it would have taken a fly. . . .


Murray Smith and his wife, Susan, of East Hampton were paddling their kayaks toward Cartwright Shoal,

the long shoal that tapers off the south end of Gardiner's Island, on Saturday, when the sight of a large

dorsal fin heading toward them caused quicker strokes and an immediate change of direction.


Mr. Smith said the fin appeared to be as tall as the blade of his paddle. The fish swam in tight circles,

apparently feeding or looking for food. In his younger days, the kayaker said, he was a diver and a

friend of Peter Gimble, a man known for photographing sharks from a protective cage. So Mr. Smith

knows big fish.


At first he thought the fin could have been that of a mola mola, an ocean sunfish. But molas hang out

in Gulf Stream waters, which have pretty much left the area. The Smiths beat a hasty retreat to

shallower water near the Bell Estate. Mr. Smith said he was tempted to paddle toward the big fish to

get a better look, but his wife questioned his sanity.


After the encounter a call was made to the National Marine Fisheries Service laboratory in

Narragansett, R.I., home to that organization's shark experts. The dorsal fin was described, and, in

return, dorsal fin profiles were faxed back for Mr. Smith's identification.


The result of all this cannot be good news for kayakers. The Narragansett scientists concluded that the

shark was either a harmless basking shark or a harmful great white. cwm31.gif

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So when we going biggrin.gif I will bring the big rod.How much tow factor from great white?Should we have a Yak fling at Gardniers Island ?Would that be considered a large ?


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Hey, I saw guys catching them on flyrods today on TV. They were dragging a 'cuda semi filleted for chum and chuckin' a big red feathery thing at them as they came in. I'd say large, these were 225/250 at 10 ft. You just gotta find the guy that was taken the hook out of them and bring him along.



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