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I have been healed ,..I see the light now

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I see the light now,....ohhhhh thank you brillant northern guru's of wisdom for showing me the light ,...."Free at last ,..Free at last ,...Thank God almighty I'm free at last"

Let's kill all the LITTLE ones and save the BIG ones,.....GEEEEEEZZZZZZ Thank you select FEW guys for this wisdom.


Ohh ya by the way , and the mate kept our 4 and they went home with the good ole boys from CAROLINA


Let's kill all the small ones,.......the guys from up north said it was OK




[This message has been edited by TimS (edited 01-29-2003).]

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Rick, you think this healing was free? cwm13.gif Wait till you get the billicon25.gif


I'd love for yah to stick around and contribute here Rick, you seem to have a good sense of humor, a fairly sharp wit, a boat and a digital camera...I'm willing to look beyond the fact that you wanna come here and try to stir up the hornets nestwink.gif


But if yah keep trying to rub folks noses in the fact that you kill 4 extra fish a day than the charter's limit, that's no better than the folks who told you they didn't think it was "right". Yah know what I mean? In other words, you got your opinion on "right", other's have theirs. Both sides have made it abundantly clear as to their opinionscwm24.gif I think it's high time we move forward from this issue, there's a billion other things we can argue aboutwink.gif



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