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I hate to do it, but I have decided to part with my Willie Drift Boat.  I bought this in 2009 in Oregon mainly for steelhead fishing, and brought it back to the east coast with me a couple years ago.  


I have owned a few driftboats in my life, and have to say this boat is hands down the most versatile fishing craft I have seen.  You can float skinny rivers then take this boat to the salt.  It will handle whitewater and waves,  float over gravel bars, get in and out of tight spots, and rows like a dream.  


The only reason I have decided to part with the boat is because I just bought a flats boat and dont see myself using the drift boat as much as it should be used.


Here is a list of features/upgrades:


2008 17 X 60 Willie Drift Boat


  • UHMW bottom - This is essentially a cutting board chemically welded to the bottom of the boat.  It allows the boat to literally slide over rocks and bars like butter.  Tough as nails.

  • Upgraded Sawyer Oars -  The boat also comes with a spare oar (3 total oars).

  • Front and Rear bench with 3 seats - With the two seats in the bow and the thirds in the stern (back), this boat comfortably seats 3 passengers plus a rower.  Incredibly stable with a full boat of friends.

  • Heating System - I installed a propane heater (from Willie) in the bow for cold days.  Comes with propane tank.

  • Mercury Kicker Motor - This 8 horse motor sips gas and will bring you anywhere you need to go.  Has a 5 gallon fuel tank.

  • Cover - Cover your boat to winterize or for transport.

  • Galvanized Trailer - Upgraded Baker trailer from Willie.  Tires have a ton of tread and life in them.

  • Rod Holders - Rod holders for rod storage as well as 4 fish on rod holders for trolling.

  • Tool caddy - For quick access to your pliers, scissors, etc


This is a niche boat, but is a great boat for the east coast for anything you want to do.  Drift the Delaware, Farmington, Kennebek, Salmon, etc... and then go fish the bays and coves for Stripers and blues.  It will last a lifetime.


A boat like this new from Willie with all the features and upgrades will cost 12K plus you have to pay to ship it back to the east coast.  The first 8,900 takes the boat.  Let me know if you have any questions.










Drift Boat_1








Drift Boat_2








Front Bench Seat W/ Storage








Propane Heater








Boat Cover_1








Boat Cover_2








8 Horse Kicker (Mercury) w/ 5 Gal Tank








Close Up of Kicker








Tool Caddy










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