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I probably haven’t held a sand crab or sand flea since my early teens. Back then we would dig up dozens when we visited Wildwood every summer. Never considered them for bait back then, just a time killer on the beach along with sand castles and the like. 


In Florda, sand fleas are prime bait for the highly delectable pompano fished off the beach. After 2+ years of walking this beach, I had not seen the telltale V wakes of the fleas digging back into the sand, they may have been there but I never really noticed. Easter Saturday there were so many "pods" of fleas it was impossible to miss them (though dozens of Spring Break visitors walked right over them never noticing). 


Anyway, it caused a rush of childhood memories to kicks these up and have this guy trying to dig his way through my hand. These are smaller than I recall the NJ version, but it’s been 40+ years so who knows. 












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On 4/14/2018 at 8:06 PM, tomkaz said:

Nice fish JP. Alewife pattern? 


No an attractor pattern sorta like a grey ghost I think


i used to be all about Trout but i got married and moved to Long Island and started throwing my5 wt to bluefish. And I fished the salt ever since 


so then 28 years later I went back to my fw stuff and decided to go for trout again. Streamers seemed the most logical place to start but I did get them in nymphs too. 


So so now I’m going to try to get some trout trips in between the salt 

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