ah what the heck! dime a dozen sunset/sunrises

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The 1st and 3rd frames reach out to me. The first made me think of the end of the day reflecting on the sunset as I was getting ready to leave.

The third frame was just the opposite for me in it's message, I just got the message the day was on lets fish. I my opinion the missing belly hook added to the quality of the photo's, good job.

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Church across the street from my gym has this crucifix out front. It is one of my favorite shots when the sun is right. As I am driving east on PGA Blvd I can tell if the sunrise is going to be a winner. Tougher now with the sun so low in the sky but the first two below are from two weeks ago. The others are different days over the past year or so. All taken with iPhone X with iOS photo app enhancement. 

ETA: Now that I look at them, those first two shots were likely less than 60 seconds apart, which shows how fast the clouds were moving the the light was changing. By the time if walked into the gym, three minutes later, "it was gone". 











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Wow, some really great shots there Flyangler!


Really like these 2 the best.  Wonder if the church would be interested is using these on their bulletin or something?


Happy Thanksgiving!


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On 11/26/2020 at 7:25 PM, squidder 329 said:

You're living the life there brother, lots of pro's and a few con's. :drool:


The Green Flies and Gnats can be tough...........

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