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Stand Your Ground - Vigilante Law

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Justifiable homicides have increased three fold since states have enacted this law. barroom brawls, gang fight and road rage have given way to self justice.

Take the case of Joe Horn. Another citizen told to stay inside his house by police and ignored. So three men were killed without a trial, not to mention Mr. Horn

and others like him will someday have plainclothes police walk upon them and an officer will be killed out of blind rage.

What this law did was move move self defense of someone breaking into your home to anywhere in public.

How long before we're back to the Old West and a stray bullet hits innocent kids ?


MIAMI ( – As some state lawmakers are calling for a re-thinking of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows people to defend themselves from danger without the need to first try to get away, an analysis of state data shows deaths due to self defense are up over 200 percent since the law took effect.


One vital piece of evidence were segments of Mr. Horn’s 9-1-1 calls which could have possibly incriminated Mr. Horn or shown his innocence. The most scrutinized segment is presented below:

Joe Horn: “I’ve got a shotgun; do you want me to stop them?”

The Pasadena emergency operator responded: “Nope. Don’t do that. Ain’t no property worth shooting somebody over, O.K.?”

Mr. Horn said: “But hurry up, man. Catch these guys will you? Cause, I ain’t going to let them go.”

Mr. Horn then said he would get his shotgun.

The operator said, “No, no.” But Mr. Horn said: “I can’t take a chance of getting killed over this, O.K.? I’m going to shoot.”

The operator told him not to go out with a gun because officers would be arriving.

“O.K.,” Mr. Horn said. “But I have a right to protect myself too, sir,” adding, “The laws have been changed in this country since September the first, and you know it.”

The operator said, “You’re going to get yourself shot.” But Mr. Horn replied, “You want to make a bet? I’m going to kill them.”

Moments later he said, “Well here it goes, buddy. You hear the shotgun clicking and I’m going.”

Then he said: “Move, you’re dead.”

There were two quick gunshots, then a third.

“I had no choice,” Mr. Horn said when he got back on the line with the dispatcher. “They came in the front yard with me, man.”

The 9-1-1 call ended about 80 seconds after the shots were fired, when officers arrived on the scene. [1]




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TJ, I hate to do this to you, but could you support your threefold statement with some Federal Statistics. I know about Mr. Horn's action, but not a peep about any others.


What was the base line figure number of Justifiable homicides before the laws passage and then how many have occurred since the laws passage?



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Per FBI, violent crime has DECLINED for a 4th year in a row.

Not in the 12 states the law was approved in. You're showing a nationwide stat.


Why don't you dig through the numbers, first TTJ.


In 2010, violent crime dropped 10% in FL in 2010.


Dig into the data yourself, don't go solely on some article.

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Anyways, I'm not aware of a federal database that tracks justifiable homicides by either LEO's or civilians nationwide.


Gary Kleck estimates that firearms are used a few million times a year in self-defense, a small portion of which are actual shootings.

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Murder in FL declined 2.9% in 2010.



when you change the standards to make it legal, of course.




seriusly, the stats on violent crime being down cooinicides with law enforcements focus on petty crimes, something that NYC unfolded when the turn their sights on the turnstyle jumpers. Catch the small criminal before they graduate to the big crimes.

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