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Penn Torque Bail-less reel

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Hey all, I have a couple of newbie questions.

I just ordered a 13' rod.  I want to get a Penn Torque reel.  I'm not sure how to determine what size reel I need.  I want the 9...but am not sure how to size the reel to the rod. 

Also, I'm thinking about the bail-less reel.  I've not used one before, but understand they are desirable for surf fishing.  I don't mind the challenge of learning to use the reel.  What are the reasons for going bail-less?



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Welcome to SOL,,


Going bailess will allow you a piece of mind when making your cast of not having the bail flip over and losing your rig and or lure.. It is also one-less part that may fail on you and it does ligthen up the reel some weight wise..


The biggest difference between the 7 & 9 Torgue us the Max Drag 41lbs & 50lbs and the Line Retrieve 40" & 50"


What type of fishing do you plan on doing ? Big Game Surf/Bait with the 13' ?

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ok I'm going to go with the bail-less version. 


The reason I got the 13' was I already have a 9' with a Penn 550SS.  I wanted a bigger rod for casting a little further.  I pretty much fish for whatever bites, sans the catfish.  I've been fishing the surf for about 4 years now and experience is gaining, but I still have ways to go! 

It seems as though the Torque 9 is what I'll put on the 13'...last year I waded quiet a ways out to cast where I wanted to be.  Maybe this year I'll be able to hit those spots from knee deep water?  We'll see. 


I also need to figure out how to load the reel.  I have never really loaded anything more than a single type of line.  I read that I should use a couple hundred yards of 60# braid, then 150 yards of 15# mono, then 15 yards of shock leader made up of 50# mono?  I'm sure this is exactly as was stated...can someone shed light on a typical setup that won't have me loosing bigger fish.  Last year, I twice had huge bytes, set hook, and then lost it all after seconds of fight.  I think I had line hook and knot problems.  geeze...


I did end up doing pretty well though, 25# bull red and a very big speck.

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sorry to try n hijack the thread ^___^

Opiniions about combing the torque 5 with a 10'6 rod via surf (live bait + lures)!!

please ^__^


I use the Torque 5 on everything 9' (1-4oz type blanks) and up. I have 2 10'6" and 1 10'8" blank all of them I use the #5 on. I also use the torque on my 11'6" rods!! The #5 Torque is about the same size as a Slammer 560 or spool size of a VS200!! It's plenty big for large rods. I don't use it on light 9' (1/2 to 2 1/2 oz) or shorter rods as it is a bit to big.

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well...I already have the 13 on the way.  Probably will have it this week.  I'm 6'3, so it's only twice my height.  It sounds like you're feeling like I'll regret it?  I guess I can sell it if I just don't like the rod. 

Is it ridiculous to match the torque9 with a 13'?  This will likely be the last reel I purchase...two surf setups is plenty for me.





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a torque 9 + a 13foot rod = heavy ><

Sounds more of a cast and forget kinda set up for surf strides =x

I have a similar set up with a penn battle 7000 + 12 foot power stick.

Way to heavy to be holding and casting repeatedly >< I just use it as a live bait cast and forget until i hear the drag go off =x.

IMO switch the rod out for a 10'6 or 11.  im not to sure of what rod you have, but with the money your blowing on the torque 9, im sure you can afford a gloomi or st croix mojo.

Both are light as hell and weigh nothing.

From there, switch out the torque 9 for a torque 5  =x.

i highly doubt you'll ever use all the line on a 9 or a 7 -___-;;

5 weights alot less than the 7 and 9.

And you will have an awesome set up =)

Ordering my torque 5 today =D

But really -___- ;;

for "surf" fishing.. 13 seems a bit large, and the 9 is just rediculous imo =x

BIGGER rods and reels dont mean much!

Just make sure you buy a set up that you can have in hand for a repeated amount of hours! Much more fun!

For the 12-15 foot rods, just buy a strong basic large reel! Battles, Stradics etc.

=D Have fun! Good luck this season!

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alright, I'll study the full weight with a Torque 5.  The amount of line was my main concern...  I have another question.  I typically use some cut pvc to hold my rod in while I'm not holding it.  With the high modulus rod I've ordered, I'm concerned about the angle the PVC would have the rod in if I should get a full on hit.  How is this normally handled with these rods?

To be clear, it isn't that I'm just made of money...I just want to start out with the right gear and not have equipment quality issues to deal with.  I already have plenty to deal with other than that!


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if your fishing from surf. the torque 5 can hold plenty of line.

i think its like 400 yards for 30lb and 300 yards for 50lb braid.

thats more than enough. highly doubt u need 50lb test braided line for surf fishing.

keep in mind that the actual test for these lines are actually higher than what is advertised until you get into the tournament branded lines. which are actually accurate with its test advertised.

i strongly recommend getting a 10'6-11 rod for surf fishing.

a torque 5 will hold enough line for a 13 ft rod, it'll just feel extremely unbalanced.

dont consider it a down grade getting smaller gear.

again, if your planning to cast and forget. you dont need such an expensive set up.

Ugly Stick 12-15 ft rod + a battle 7000. less then half the price of your current set up and it wont make a diff.

10'6 mojo w trq5bbls. quality stuff for the surf.

light in hand and can play w out fatigue.

As far as ur tubing mount. once u are to confirm the rod u are going to be using, measure out the butt of the rod, make sure the tube consumes all of it. drill a screw into your piping to make sure your rod rests on that screw and not the reel.

add about 1ft - 1 1/2 ft of tubing to bury in the sand. big rods = alot of digging.


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generally speaking. 1/3 of the pvc piping should be inside the sand.

If you were looking at a clock,

generally angle your pvc to be angled at 11 o clock towards the ocean.

If your worried about a fish taking it into the ocean, loosen up your drag.

Generally, in the upper end of reels your looking at


Torques come with good settings, USE IT.

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