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Happy Annivesary Affordable Care Act.

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theres no such thing as a free lunch.


Since no bill per se creates wealth, the benefits have to be paid for somehow.


The "how you benefit" part should be balanced with a "who doesn't benefit but rather pays for it" part.

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If the bill was 'clean' then it wouldn't be going to the Supreme Court next week. 26 states have given it the thumbs down already. Let's see what happens.

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who celebrates the loss of their own liberty?


'progressives' do. It is part & parcel of who they are, and how they roll. The 'greater good' always trumps personal liberties. Always. Liberty is anathema in Socialism :kook:

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The president has lowered to begging people to "like" him on the internet----and nobody does!!!




Twitchy ROCKS!


Conservatives take over #ILikeObamacare

Posted at 4:02 pm on March 23, 2012 by Twitchy Staff | View Comments

If you're proud of Obamacare and tired of the other side using it as a dirty word, complete this sentence: #ILikeObamacare because...






For some reason liberals keep coming up with new hashtags despite the long history of conservatives hijacking their hashtags in order to mock them. Today’s misguided attempt to establish a liberal hashtag came from President Obama himself. Apparently he wants people to tweet out why they like Obamacare.


Conservatives obliged and have completely taken over the hashtag. The vast majority of tweets being tagged with #ILikeObamacare are actually people mocking the program. Here are the best.



#IlikeObamaCare because I'm tired of making my own healthcare decisions #p2

#IlikeObamacare because it robs Medicare of $500 Billion.

#ILikeObamaCare because I want unelected bureaucrats making as many personal decisions for me as possible.

#iLikeObamaCare because they keep telling me how bad it would have been without it.

#ILikeObamacare because, w/ my premiums going up 13% in the last 2 years, I can deduct more from my taxes

#ILikeObamacare because it infringes on Catholic charities beliefs

#ILikeObamacare because...wait...I thought it was #racist to call it "Obamacare".

#IlikeObamacare because I'd rather my grandma have to take a pain pill instead of getting the surgery she needs

#ILikeObamacare because having a choice is stupid.—


Elijah Daniel (@AGuyWithNoLife) March 23, 2012

#IlikeObamacare because if I like my plan I can keep it. Oh, wait, my plan doesn't exist now. Oh.

#ilikeobamacare because now that my health care is subsidized I have more money to buy Apple products

#ilikeobamacare because I like being forced to buy health insurance and my constitutional rights stripped away.

#IlikeObamacare because 15 unelected board members know what medical treatment I need more than me and my doctor

#IlikeObamacare -- $800 billion in tax increases in the first ten years alone? Sign me up! #ThanksObamacare

Because I'm in a union that donated to Obama so I've got a waiver! #ILikeObamacare

#ILikeObamaCare because I got to watch the negotiations on CSPAN

#IlikeObamacare because the best things in life are free. Give or take $2 trillion.

#ILikeObamacare because waiting months for medicine and surgery really builds strong character!

#ilikeobamacare cause of the free white coat they gave me to appear in the photo op, to convince the sheep.

#ilikeobamacare because at some point you've made enough of your own decisions

#ILikeObamacare, Because I think if you work, then I should benefit.

#Ilikeobamacare cause when it affects quality here I can just go to Cuba. It's better. Michael Moore said so.

#IlikeObamacare because having the best healthcare system in the world became boring.

#ILikeObamaCare because the POTUS, his family, Congress, and staffers will get the same care I do...right? Right??

#ILikeObamacare because a 26 y/o under their parents' ins is a child but a 14 y/o getting an abortion is an adult


Uh oh! Looks like conservatives mocking of #ILikeObamacare has been mockingly submitted to @AttackWatch!

Dear @attackwatch: #IlikeObamaCare because it shows how much the WH keeps getting owned on Twitter.




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in thias case a lefie.......

here is to hoping it dies a quick death soon at the SCOTUS.


i heard an interesting argument this morning that the left should be hoping obamacare gets struck down because if the SCOTUS upholds it, it will energize conservatives and that will help Romney in the main event.

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And here is a thought or two for the day before SCOTUS starts to discuss the future of our nation.



ObamaCare is a political nightmare for the Dems - Washssisngton Post


By Jennifer Rubin



The Post reports that Americans oppose ObamaCare by a 52 to 41 percent margin. Independents oppose it by 51 to 43 percent. And that’s not all:


More than four in 10 — 42 percent — want the high court to throw out the entire law, 25 percent want to do away with the mandate alone and a similar proportion wants the justices to uphold the entire law.


Just over half the public thinks the mandate is unconstitutional (51 percent), according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last week. In that survey, fewer than three in 10 (28 percent) said they think the mandate is constitutional. Nearly as many were unsure. Previous Kaiser polls found the mandate to be the least popular provision in the law; majorities supported all other components tested.


Americans, it turns out, did not learn to love the law, as Democratic officials claimed they would. And this raises a whole bunch of problems for the president and his party.


In retrospect, the Democrats would have been much better off getting half a loaf (e.g. a list of bipartisan healthcare reforms) and getting Republicans on board than in jamming through an unpopular and quite possibly unconstitutional law. Recall that Republicans warned that monumental legislation of this kind needed to be bipartisan. Democrats should have listened; They will now reap what they have sown.



The Dems use of the Commerce Regulations to jam through this POS without a full debate on the floor will be the reason the Supreme Court will kill it.


Their ruling will include comments like this:


"Obamacare is the first time Congress has used its power to regulate commerce to produce a law “from which there is no escape.” And “coercing commercial transactions” — compelling individuals to sign contracts with insurance companies — “is antithetical to the foundational principle of mutual assent that permeated the common law of contracts at the time of the founding and continues to do so today.”



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