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Not fly fishing but a helluva fly fishing opportunity.

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I just got home from a 3 day fishing trip to Venice, LA. I didn't take a fly rod because the other guys in the group wanted meat and all fished with heavy spin or conventional tackle with jigs or bait. Quite frankly, at 70, I don't want to catch a Yellowfin Tuna on my flyrod


Several times I caught Tuna by dangling a jig right off my rod tip. When there are 500 Tuna within 50 feet of the boat at one time, that ought to be the easiest shot for a fly rod you could imagine. I saw literally thousands of Little Tuny, Skipjack Tuna, Blackfin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna within 10 feet of the boat. Several times, a big Wahoo would glide through the slick and I never knew what they were up to. All of the Wahoo we caught except one were caught trolling.


The first day offshore, we filled a new 25 cu ft freezer to above the 3/4 full point. The next 2 days, fishing inshore for Redfish, Trout. Flounder, and Largemouth Bass, we topped it off. Honestly it was a little embarassing to be a party to such a slaughter. Five Yellowfins between 100 and 150 pounds plus more in the 40-90# class and a couple of dozen 15-30# Blackfins put a lot of meat in the box. All fish were vacuum bagged and frozen for the trip home. These fish will not be wasted.


The Redfish and other inshore fish were caught on spinnerbaits, spoons and shrimp. The wind was blowing 20-30kts the last two days making offshore fishing all but impossible and inshore fishing in the marshes difficult. We released a lot of Redfish the first inshore day including one that must have been 4' long. The Largemouth Bass were caught right where we were fishing for Redfish.


I had grilled YFT for dinner last night and grilled an extra steak for Tuna salad for lunch today. Blackened Tuna tonight and grilled Wahoo tomorrow night.


I can't imagine an easier place to catch multiple species on a fly. In mid summer, Wahoo will be rare and YFT will me abundant but smaller which may be a better deal for your flyrod. SAilfish , Dolphin, White and Blue Marlin are best in summer. Swordfish are a common catch at night. Red and Mangrove Snapper can be chummed up topside for an easy shot with flyrod. Cobia, Trippletails, Mackerel, Kingfish, Redfish, Trout and even Largemout Bass will be easy too.


I've fished Venice lots of times and, given the opportunity, I'll do it again. I wish I could afford to spend some time fly fishing over there.


Since Katrina devastated the area and then the BP oil spill, Venice has bounced back and is a much nicer place. There are decent lodges, restaurants and even a fairly large chain motel. All of the guides and charter operators have fine new boats compliments of BP.


Unless your wife and kids are fishermen, there isn't a lot for them to do in the area but there is always N. O.


The best fish of the trip were, Wahoo 82#, YFT Tuna ~150# and Redfish up to about 4' long.


I am certain I could have caught Little Tuny, Blackfin Tuna and Skipjack Tuna a well as all inshore species we caught on flyrod.


The coolest thing I saw this trip was a 500# mako taking a 25# Blackfin 20 feet straight up------within about 20 feet of the boat.


Tomorrow I'll start looking for Tarpon about 2 miles from my home.




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Great Story & I am super Glad that has bounced back. That Katrina was devastating & left so many people without. Then to top it off with the Oil spill.


But I have never heard of Lg Mouth Bass in Salt water???


I've been meaning to get down that way but my next trip is for some of those big Dorado in La Paz!! :D

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The Tuna and Wahoo were about 30 miles off South Pass. Clear water with scattered grass. Sunday, we fished behind shrimp boats that were working at the time. One of the boats in our group saw a hundred or more big Yellowfins behind one shrimper. They didn't find the fish until about time to head in. They had a quad hook up on big fish and managed to land them all then it was past time to head for the hill.


We didn't see any big YFT blasting on the surface like in the summer. I've caught them up to 140# on spinning tackle with poppers but my favorite fishing over there is jigging at night around the floating rigs in very deep water.

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