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identify this shad

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I believed I hooked a nice roe shad. I was using a light action Shakespeare micro-graphite and a Pfluenger Trion with 8 pound test line. It is a cheap wally world rod but I actually love its weight and soft tipped action. It was heavy. Then it took out some line. After 1 minutes, this shad never came near the surface nor sprinted laterally through the water. After several minutes, I determined this wasn't a shad.

I was told people sometimes catch striped bass or even saltwater red drum in this canal on grubs. Having caught reds in the surf before, this fish pulled similar to a red.


Sometime several minutes into the fight, the fish tipped it blue tail up. At this point, I suspected a catfish. !0 minutes later, the fish resurfaced 3 more times and everyone knew it was a catfish. Also, most of the nets we were using to land shad appeared too small for this thing. Thank goodness, somebody did have a net large enough. After a few more minutes of pulling, I kept backing onto the back and worked the fish with fairly light drag. Sometimes the fish pulled and took off a few yards; other times, I steered the fish a few feet towards the bank


Eventually, the fish was too tired and a team of netters used two nets to sandwich the fish onto the bank.






This the definitely the biggest fish I ever caught on light tackle- guessing maybe anywhere from 15-20 pound fish landed on 8 pound test with a small no 4 bronze hook of the jighead.

Also, is this a blue catfish or a huge channel catfish?


It will become dinner. We have plenty of catfish in the rivers in this area- they are not even considered real game fish. Fried catfish nuggets soon!


It measured 34 inches with a girth of 21 inches. Any estimates of its weight? Definitely a lot bigger than most shads....

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