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stradic 6000 question

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so i figured there was no better time to start learning how to maintain my reels than now, or at least what the hell is inside of them. dont know what im doing but i tried. everything went back right and the reel spins fine, but at the top and bottom of its oscillating (right word?) it feels like a gear or something is hitting something. its nothing rough or anything like that. the reel is still smooth, but something isnt right. just wondering what i did. also, if anyone knows where i could get some basic general information or whatever could be universaly applied to any reel that would be cool too. thanks in advance

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I don't have any specific advice about your Stradic, but I can offer you some general advice.


I started into reel maintenance, much like yourself, last winter. I had no idea how reels worked, what the guts looked like, or how to properly clean/maintain a reel. In addition, I couldn't find any good generic, "starter" information anywhere.


So, I took one of my reels and I just took the damn thing apart. Honestly, I think that is the best way to learn. Granted, I am an engineer, so I have (or at like to think I have) a knack for understanding how things work and fit together and so forth. But even if you don't, reels really are not that complicated and can be understood by most anyone if you put in the time and really are interested.


The first thing I would do is remove the side plate to expose the guts, and spin the handle and watch what happens! Stare at it, try to see how the parts move with each rotation of the handle and how they all work together to perform the ultimate function of taking up line. Also (really, really, important): have the Exploded-View schematic of the reel in front of you!!!


The next thing I would do is to, in your mind, divide up the reel into different subsystems, and try to understand each subsystem separately. A basic list of these subsystems (for a spinning reel) would be:

1. Drag Assembly

2. Bail & Line Roller Assembly

3. Main Gear, Pinion Gear, and Spool Shaft assembly

4. Anti-Reverse Mechanism


From 1 to 3: 1 is the simplest and 3 is the most complicated. 4 is kind of inbetween somewhere. Also read the sticky thread in this frum titled Bearings, Grease, Rants, Raves.. to learn about how to clean, lubricate, and perform maintenance on reels.


Also, if you do searches in this forum you can find some really good threads with reel-break downs along with step by step photos.


If you have any other questions I can do my best to answer, although I still am a bit of a novice I have come a long long way in just 1 year. And you can to, it's really not too difficult if you really want to learn.


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