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I have stated for years certain groups and people have been systematically stripping our rights to fish, one law at a time. I was called nuts by T and others. They said I had no proof and that I was a nut, not in those exact words but that would be the gist of it.


Then someone started a thread in the main forum and stated pretty much the same thing, Where is Tim and the other naysayers to say he is nuts and crazy and he has no proof? Oh wait that doesn't happen when said person is very close friends with the other.


Like I have stated before just look at the people who work for all these organizations and see where the money flows from and you will see how screwed we are.


Do your research on Cass Sunstien our Regulatory czar. Go do some research on people who worked at NOAA and now work or started a private company in the name of fisheries...


Here look at this-


GILLS (Global initiative for life and leadership through seafood) was Founded by Thomas J. Billy, a former NOAA Fisheries employee for more than 20 years, and the Chair of the Seafood & Health ’05 Steering Committee, former Chairman of Codex, opened the Conference and acknowledged NOAA especially Admiral Lautenbacher and Dr. William Hogarth. He said that support for the conference had reached the highest levels at the U.S. Department of Commerce, extending to the Office of the Secretary.


Not to mention that NOAA was the main sponsor of this shindig...


Regarding the agenda he mentioned that the scientists making presentations have been selected by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee—in essence, the program and speakers had gone through a peer-review process. He made the strong point that the Conference was not an advocacy conference. Seafood & Health was intended, rather, to be an examination of the role of seafood in human health—what’s good, what’s problematic, and most importantly, what needs to be done to communicate this information in a credible way to consumers so that they understand the whole picture and can make their own choices.



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