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Killa Shrimp

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This is the modified Ultra Shrimp I mentioned in the recent thread titled new shrimp. I took the idea from the ultra shrimp. It has different materials but deep down this shrimp has Ultra Shrimp roots. One of the guides I fish with in Belize named it the Killa Shrimp. The prototype accounted for several permit and several big jacks.


Tied on Gama SS 15 hook (these photos are 1/0 to accomodate the foam). I tie it on smaller hooks with no foam.

Mono thread

Rubber legs (Rainy's barred raound rubber)

a bit of rabbit

homemade eyes (glass beads on 40# mono, covered with tuffleye flex and Hard ad Nails)

Farrar flash blend (1 sparse layer)

Rainy's float foam (round, medium)

EP shrimp dub brush

Farrar flash blend (a final heavier, longer layer)

weed guard

Tuffleye flex or CCG

Sally Hansens HAN



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It sinks very slowly with the foam and without foam a bit quicker. For permit, the idea is to get it in front of the fish and strip it very slowly and with very short strips (like 1-2 inches at a time). Strip it too fast and it is out of the zone pretty quickly. Generally, my experience is that permit don't chase the fly (but that is based on fishing crabs) but they did chase the shrimp on about 5 occasions. As an example, I did made a cast to a 30# permit and he came over and I lost sight of him in the waves and with the green turtle grass bottom. I picked the fly up to cast to another fish and the big one chased it 8 feet right to the top of a wave and missed it just as I pulled it out of the water. Bruce Leslie and I both saw it and just about s***. I wanted a do-over but could not arrange one. I like the shrimp for Belize permit because it allows you do do something as opposed to fishing a crab which is best sitting on the bottom. The jacks I caught took it on a faster strip. I think this fly will be good for lots of fish. I am going to tie some in hot pink for Alaska steelhead. So far I have this is white, olive and tan.


FYI, I originally tied these to fish for tarpon up to around 20 pounds (although we have seen 50# fish on occasion) which were feeding near a dock where we were staying at Tobacco Caye on the Belize barrier reef. The fish would come in after dark and we could hear them slapping something on the surface. We had one ultra shrimp and when that was gone the game was over.

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