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So whats the best method to cook a cat

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They seem to be getting more popular every day. I'm thinking they must be a delicacy :shock:



Oildale man accused of killing, eating cats


Eyewitness News has learned that 36-year-old Jason Wilmert was arrested on two counts. A check of the Kern County Superior Court website shows one count of cruelty to animals. He also faces one charge of "animals commonly kept as pets or companions; use as food."

Neighbors reacted Monday, saying they heard suspicious noises at Wilmert's home, and one woman reportedly saw Wilmert's alleged actions.

"The lady right here saw him holding a tail, skinning it. It is still alive," neighbor Joe Nuno said. He pointed to the house on Wilson Avenue next to where neighbors say Wilmert lives.

Nuno lives two doors down. He said it was a couple weeks ago that he heard a horrible noise at Wilmert's home.

"I heard a cat cry really, really loud," Nuno said. "And I came outside, because I'm an animal lover." Nuno said he looked into Wilmert's backyard, and he believes he saw a fire going. "He's cooking. He's got a little burner going," Nuno said. And it smelled horrible, like "awful meat."


Buffalo police rescued a cat from a Cheektowaga man who apparently was planning to make a meal out of his pet because he thought it was ill-tempered, authorities said Monday.

When Ferry-Fillmore District officers pulled over a car driven by Gary L. Korkuc on Sunday night during a traffic stop, they said they heard a cat crying from inside the trunk and investigated.

What they found has left animal lovers at the SPCA Serving Erie County in shock.

The cat, according to police, was in a cage “marinating” in a mixture of crushed red peppers, chili pepper, salt and oil.



PHOENIX — A transient has been arrested after police say he skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a Phoenix warehouse and music venue.

Authorities say the building's owners reported a burglary after they opened the warehouse Wednesday and heard blaring music.

Police found 24-year-old Russell Christopher Hofstad inside with his face painted and the cat's tail and intestines around his neck.

Hofstad told police he killed the cat because he was hungry. He also said he was going to use its skeleton as party decorations.

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My mom told me a story about when her and my dad were dating, back in the 80's, they went to this chinese joint in Milford Ma, the placeis still their I believe. He ordered some kind of chicken dish, but when it came out he was real skeptical of it. Had a couple pieces and just wasnt feeling it. Well 2 days later they open the newspaper, and their it is.."Pago Pago gets raided by health dept, and finds 50 lbs of cat meat in the freezer" :shock: He was so disgusted ,he never ate chinese food again :upck:

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