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"Beth" is one of the liberals on my "personal political email list" (my brother Hunter is another. We were bouncing a debate around about where "the problem" in Government is. I finally lost it:




I'm sorry Beth but it is blatantly obvious! The issue is "free stuff" and that is generally pushed buy YOUR (Democrat) PHILOSOPHY, "tax the rich and give to the poor". That would be "nice" except it is mostly abused and I'm sick of it! I was a Democrat until about 11 years ago when I became "self employed" and I started to realize where my tax dollars were going and how they were being used (abused, wasted, squandered, etc.). "Withholding taxes" is a deception on the American public psyche because it leads you to "not feel the pain" of the insane amounts you have to pay.

For example, lets take this guy named "Hunter" (no bearing on anyone I know, just a name out of a hat) and lets say Hunter is a lawyer who works for an insurance company (co incidence, I swear!). Now lets say this guy makes about $100K/year and he gets free health insurance as a perk with the job. He also gets up to 4% company matching on his 401K ......and lets say that after taxes and contributions he gets about $2800 to spend every other week. Oh yeah, and lets say he also is a Democrat...

Life is good! He has cash to spend every week on his vices and luxuries; he has money to pay his bills and money to play with. He is complacent!

Now lets change one thing (which changes EVERYTHING). Lets say he is now "self employed" and he makes that same $100K. He buys his health insurance for his family himself ($20K/year) and he pays the same $30K on taxes that he either has to pay quarterly or all at once at the end of the year. He is no longer complacent! He wakes up from the stupid fog induced by complacency that shrouds all W-2 employees. You are getting ****ed! You start to notice the "little things" all around you that your tax dollars are being spent on.

Things like "stimulus". Two summers ago I showed Hunter a construction project that featured 30 workers paving a mile long piece of road. As we drove by, we saw these people talking, eating, smoking, sitting, leaning on their shovels,...anything but working! That was 2 1/2 years ago under a big green sign that said "Funded by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act". The sign is still there, the project is still there and the ******* road is still being "worked on". I would have gotten greater value from those dollars if I wiped my ass with them! I am outraged! I told my brother so and he said call the news. I did and they do/say nothing! They are owned by the same crooks that are controlling our government.

I have an insurance customer named Chip and he is a welder and he currently has work "up to his eyeballs" because he is welding studs on grinding wheels for a construction company grinder. The grinder tears up the road so they can re-pave it. Chip says he is so happy his customer did "what it took" to get the stimulus funded contract. "What it took" was for him to pay $10,000 under the table to the construction union boss.

The union gets the stimulus money because it calls all of its members before an election and tells them "if you want to keep working, vote Democrat"! I'm sure the Republicans are just as dirty but if you ever watch South Park, they make a great analogy about elections: The choice is always between a "giant ******" and a "turd sandwich"!

I hate politicians and unions!





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