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Fish and Game Hearing - February 2nd - A Victory for the Delta and Legacy of Northern CA.

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First off, this is not just about fish..... it's a small piece of the bigger plan towards the privatization of a natural public resource (WATER) by water diverters, AKA the 100 ton gorilla in the room.....


Thank you to those, upon my request, that sent letters to the Fish and Game Commission requesting that the DFG proposal be rejected with prejudice. This is the second time, in 3 years that we've had to fight this battle brought upon by Stuart Resnick and the so-called Coalition for a Sustainable Delta.


Also, thank you for sending letters, upon my request, to Governor Brown requesting that Mr. Jim Kellogg be reappointed to the Fish and Game Commission so that he may continue to do his great work for fish and game in California. Mr. Kellogg is a long time resident of the delta and interesting enough was working at the pumps in Tracy back in the late 60's when then Gov. Reagan turned the pumps on and began to send water south along with tons and tons of wayward fish, eggs, and free floating larvae, in a reverse tidal movement away from the bay.


Again, the proposal, brought on by a lawsuit by the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta (Resnick) was really a 'band aid' for a symptom, and doesn't acknowledge what everyone already understands, and that there is a disease that is killing the SF Bay and Delta; it's called water diversions.


We now turn all focus on the powerful and corrupt Bay Delta Conservation Plan, AKA Peripheral Canal. We are looking into doing more documentaries that simply spell out the corruption and back-room politics towards privatizing a natural trust resource for nothing more than profit to a handful of individuals. We can begin with how the BDCP was put together by the Guvinator without inviting Northern California stakeholders to the 'table'.


It's well worth listening and watching the hearing - You get to see the 'players' and understand the real issues, etc. You will get to hear the arguments that I cannot begin to sumarize in this email. All in favor of the proposal are Water Companies.... enough said.


The following is reality TV that actually has real meaning.......



Click on "Complete" for February 2nd, 2012.


Striped Bass Proposal was covered as Agenda Item #9 which begins at 1 hour 32 minutes into the meeting so forward to that point......


Allied Fishing Groups begin at 1:35 to approximately 1:50.

Coalition for Sustainable Delta get to speak shortly thereafter even though they originally didn't request time to speak in advance in a timely manner.

DFG followed with the same presentation we saw back in early November in Rio Vista.

Individual speakers representing various organizations (Delta CC, Rio Vista CC, Small Businesses, Fishing and Conservation groups, Private Citizens, et. al. along with the "suits" in favor of the proposal, including one arrogant SOB that followed Bobby Barrack.....

Coastside Rep spoke at 2:50

Jay Yokomizo - Captain of the Huck Finn of Emeryville spoke at 3:28

All total, 35+ speakers testified......

Newly appointed DFG Director Chuck Bonham interjects as well. (He's someone that is stuck inbetween serving the public trust and the corrupt political influence that rules his organization)


President, Jim Kellogg made his motion at 4:41 and the vote was taken at 4:48. Vote was 4-0 in favor of rejecting the DFG proposal. A 5th voter, Richard Rogers, a well known anti fishing person that is actually on the F&G Commission, was absent..... I surmise he didn't want to be the only NO vote..... It exposes him for what he is.......


It's a small victory in what is going to be a long war against the greed and corrupted special interest groups aiming at diverting more water south. The battle has just begun.


Lastly, we know that Resnick, Westland, LA Metro, and all the other water companies are already working on another lawsuit against the DFG. They will not stop until they get their verdict and 'we' run out of money.


Thanks again,:D:)


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I picked up a copy of Yachtsman Bay & Delta January 2012 edition with Bobby Barrack on the front


Anyway while reading it they talk about the proposal but found something you all need to know about


on page 34 it reads : Something that could be considered a concern: There's a private engineering firm from Pasadena that supposedly posted a job looking for someone to manage construction of a " multi billion-dollar twin tunnels beneath the Delta."


Yet no such tunnel has been authorized; or has it?


This non-existing project is reported to move up to 10 billion!!! gallons of water per day.The tunnels could be 150 feet below ground and 33 miles long.Current estimated cost is $7 billion- you can bet that'll go up.



There is 



I think we should keep an eye out for this and if needed get everyone and their mom & grandma involved in everyway shape and form to stop it!

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