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Jason B

Plugbuilders book

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The thread below on plug article gots me tinking.

About twenty or so years ago when I was into bamboo fly rods, I picked up this dinky little paper back book at my local fly shop called, "Classic Bamboo Rodmakers: Past and Present" written by Dick Spurr. It had to be no more than 60 pages long. It was a simple book, on one page was a picture of the rodbuilder and on the other page was his history, and story. It was a great read. I have not read it in over twenty years, but a couple of months ago I stumbled across it and thumbed through it. I figured somebody who was still into bamboo rods would enjoy it more. I put it on ebay and wouldn't you know, that simple little paperback that I bought for $17 went for over $150. It is supposedly one of the most sought after fly fishing books, right up there with Marty Keane's book.



My point is, what I think a lot of us would enjoy is an equally simple black and white book for the plugbuilders. On one page is a picture of the plugbuilder and the other is his story. Nuff Said.Tons of us would buy it and best of all, all the writer needs to do is listen to the plugbuilders story and take a goofy picture of him holding a plug, hell it could even done over a beer in a bar. We already get this in piecemeal from 5 or 6 magazines and websites, but it would be nice in one simple book. Heck I can already see money being made on the revisions.

Come on, one of you Chowder-heads, Rockhoppers, or Jetty Rats (MA/NY/NJ) must know enough of these guys to write this book over a Bud.

let's face, a ton of you are gonna open this thinking a new book has been written on plugbuilder, which should be incentive enough.

(if one of you guys is already working on this, I apologize, but get off your ars and finish it damn it, for it is winter and I am bored)

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