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BM Jointed eelys with Junior lip

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not sure why he would pm you as this is my thread


because it is a thread hijack ...

people need to read the bst rules ....

located here :



this applies here :

11. Do not hijack - if you didn't start the WTB thread, you should NEVER offer to buy anything offered to the thread starter in their thread.


so does this one :

1. *Anyone that buys, sells or offers to buy or sell to sell to a member that contacts them through PM's only may lose their BST access. Anyone that solicits, offers or accepts any offer of money or lures made via PMs will lose access to their PMs as well as the BST Forum. PMs are for AFTER the deal has been made in the thread where it was posted. If a member cannot post in this forum, they cannot purchase items listed in this forum - it is a seller's responsibility to follow these rules as much as it is the buyer's.

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