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ZeeBaaS Surf Edge Knife NIB for sale

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I have a Zeebaas surfedge knife 3.5 model, brand new in box I'[img=a><a href=' alt='448'>m looking to sell.


I already have one from when they did their promo and got another one and will never use it. Mine has held up really well in the two years Ive owned and used it, holds an edge very nicely.


Retail is $149, asking $100 shipped, with paypal fees and tracking info.


all reasonable offers considered, not looking for any trades right now.




This is from their website:


The knife is equipped with a durable light-weight nylon sheath with a belt loop and a drainage hole enabling it to be functional in the surf. A lanyard is attached to the knife to keep it secure. In addition, the knife has been designed with an affixed belt clip to be used in lieu of the sheath. Knives are serialized on the steel belt clip.


The “spring assist” button allows for one hand operation to release and close the blade. Another distinct feature is the ability to use the line cutting notch while the blade remains in a closed position.


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For that price I think I'm buying a great sheath - .7Cr17 which is a comparable to commonly used 400 series stainless steel. 



I'm a Blade FREAK . .  I may be wrong but... My assumption is Over priced Blade for what you get... But the sheath is nice. If you want a very corrosion resistant steel that can actually hold an "edge" for a while An Edge you'll LOVE, look into CPM S110V. It is more corrosion resistant than S90V, 440C, S30V, ATS-34, VG-10, etc.

I've snapped 7CR17 Stainless & don't love the edge holding. .. With a (one year) Warranty I might buy 4 bucks with a lifetime 

warranty against breaking or chipping. 


I'm currently on 'sundays' tempering & banging away. With a sick new sharpening technique. I no longer buy knives-  just various steel.. 


I do Love ZeeBaaS- But for manufactured blades I  Benchmade Griptillians or spydies & most replace your blade Like Gerber Does ! Gerber has the BEST Service ever !  5 yrs later they mailed me free parts no questions asked.. . If your going for fancy check out the  (Stryder SNG Folder), but that's as much as a fancy reel.   A Stryder Knife  would be the like a z baas reel


Trustworthy Source - "I've had the best luck with the ~63+ steels. Benchmade M2HSS (advertised 64rc) and spyderco ZDP-189, which is somewhere north of that. That's just for medium/light duty folders, for heavy duty use, infi and 01(rc61) have worked great."


I'm still learning About getting Long lasting custom Edges. Nothing Beats H Carbon in my eyes for cutting. & don;t know why more guys don't use Some nice powder coated Carbon With A "little Care" They are the most fun to work with. Well All my favorite mate's still use carbon while filleting. 


OK, I love Zee Baas . Just not that steel & aluminum  at 150  



Let us know how it holds an edge & if you love it  ? I'll be curious. 


Here's a new test stainless Blank I started sunday night. W 14" leather stitched sheath. 

Might attempt compression molding KYDEX for some surf knives. All under 4 fingers for city folk too haha Remember that rule I think thats gone now :( 419167_164641750319827_100003220091962_223294_692447530_n.jpg







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Originally Posted by chefchris401 View Post


Ill take the offer, ill pm me you my paypal info.


I'd take the offer too.   Hey your a Chef chris ?   Let's talk. I have some pretty interesting chef's knives I'd like to post a pair up in the cbst this spring.


Lignum Vitae Handles, Nice Heavy 1/4" Well treated hardened & tempered nicely.  Lefty Or Righty ! High bevel...   They're work beasts ! I'll talk to tim about throwing a few knives up. 


Peace in the mil east.




tog II tog II tog II  !!!!!!  Tim, you  know I don't love  Tog II. I want you to have a better piece of my art man if your showing it to friends n stuff.  You know it's here dusty. I just don;t like it enough to ship now.  


This years giveaway , maybe maple shark jaws . I would like to get some better togs done. . You can have it still  when ever I see ya. One day. 


Shops back to normal now. A fishing rag is coming by in april for a photo shoot. Cool..   I'll say Tim from SoL says hi.  Or it's where I started. 




Hope all is well - ooopps 440 am Gotta RUN to bridgeport for new Lathe


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