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Black Label Jointed Swimmer

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If this doesn't sell, I have a suggestion. Clip off the back half and pinch on a 7/0 siwash. Thread the siwash thru an 10" black or purple Ronz tail. Swims about a foot down with a nice wiggle. Here's text and a pic from an earlier post:


"Took a Black Label blurple jointed that swam on the surface, cut off the tiny tail section and added a 7/0 siwash. Goal was to get it to swim under the surface. Tried 8" black Ronz - nice. 10" Ronz was even better. Nibbled off a little of the front of the Ronz to fit the siwash best. Nice slow snake-like motion about a foot under. Deeper if you reel faster. Call it a Blackwhacker"




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