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Philly media is the best

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A kicking "consultant"?? The Ravens are due a refund if they paid this guy to consult on their kicking game. This ranks below "the dog ate my homework" on the list of excuses.


And why we know it as the city of "we'll take it". :D

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You'll like this one, DJ: a dead whale washed up on the beach of Ocean City, New Jersey, and our local fishwrap had a story about it that made me chuckle, because the writer couldn't resist getting in a dig at Giants fans. Here's the scoop:



Thar she smells! - in Ocean City



Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-5916


Ocean City noses had to experience that touch of minke - or maybe it was fin - given off by the corpse of this whale that washed up on the 7th Street beach.




OCEAN CITY, just about the happiest place in America, according to a recent poll, received a stinking, rotten reminder yesterday that death is always just a tide away.


Initial reports suggested that a large whale simply was beached, setting the stage for a horde of hope-filled hearts to rush into the surf and push the magnificent beast off into the Atlantic. There would have been cheers and tears mixed with salt water and celebratory beers later in a neighboring town that sells alcohol.


Instead, it turned out to be a miserable, foggy Monday, when memories of caramel-covered popcorn and sun-splashed sandcastles did nothing to fend off the brutal stench from the sea.


"It was terrible," said Nick Hurff, 23, an Ocean City resident who snapped a few pictures of the whale from a nearby jetty. "It sort of smelled like the worst low-tide I've ever smelled, or like a pile of old shellfish. It was intense."


The whale - either a minke or fin whale, experts said - was discovered in the afternoon off the 7th Street beach, a popular surfing location for tourists now tucked away in the suburbs. It was anywhere from 30 to 50 feet long.


"Oh, yeah, it's dead," said Sheila Dean, co-director of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, in Brigantine. "It's been dead for a long time."


Dean said it was "a good thing it's not summer," considering that sharks would have followed the whale straight to "America's greatest family resort" for a chunk of fetid blubber.


Police roped off the beach, but did not return phone calls for comment. Mark Soifer, Ocean City's spokesman, masterfully changed the subject to "Big Mama," a giant sea turtle that supposedly came ashore and gave the city adorable baby turtles at which to smile.


"We all feel sorry for the whale," Soifer said.


Hurff said he overhead a police officer suggesting that the tide could come in and wash the whale back out to sea.
Ideally, it would float farther north, where more New York Giants fans live.


Sometimes, dead whales explode when they balloon with gas and, at least once, because a bunch of folks in Oregon loaded one with dynamite. Dean said that getting rid of the whale wouldn't be so dramatic, though just as bloody and disgusting.


"We'll try to get it on the beach," she said. "We'd have to cut it to pieces and haul it away."

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