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The Hairy Beast

Cool or crazy? Divers stand on top of cage get best shots of great whites (impressive pic).

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I think this shark is actually in the foreground, which is what makes it seem so gigantic. You can do the same thing by holding a fish OUT toward the camera before the photog snaps his pic. Still, it's a pretty gutsy move.




UK Mail Online:



For most people, getting into a cage and being lowered into the ocean with great white sharks encircling is extreme enough.


But this clearly isn't the case for these two daredevils.


The amazing underwater pictures were taken by Scottish snapper David Litchfield, who has taken the same risk to get shots of one of the world's most fearsome predators.


Mr Litchfield said that the cages were lowered to 40 feet below the surface, adding: 'It gets you that little bit closer and give you more of a thrill.


Standing on top of the cage as these huge fish swim around eyeballing you, makes it doubly so.


'There is intelligence behind those eyes - a sense of curiosity - but as long as you maintain eye contact with the shark it's not likely to take an exploratory nibble.


'Indeed, photographers can get their cameras really close with no aggressive response from the shark.


'It really is an experience. Sometimes you get a hell of a fright when they suddenly appear.


'They are ambush predators and they do sneak up. One moment you're gazing into the depths with nothing around and suddenly it's there, right on your shoulder.'


Mr Litchfield, who lives in Cellardyke, close to St Andrews, competed as a track and field athlete for Scotland.


Maintain eye contact and you're unlikely to get hit. i think I have mentioned that in the past. But it's no magic bullet; one of these days one of these guys is going to push it too far and end up dinner.

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Originally Posted by Mike View Post


Look, the dude lives with Cellar Dykes....


I think it said he lived in a cellar dyke!


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