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Rod Identification 101 - What do all these numbers and letters mean?

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OK.. I did a search and came up with a few things.


This was posted by DJ on 10/10/08 :


Here's the system that Lamiglas now uses:


Starts with a 2-3 letter code that tells you the blank series. GSB = "Graphite Surf and Bar". XRA = "Ron Arra Surf Series". SSU = "Super Surf Series". GLB = "Graphite Live Bait". Fiberglass blanks usually only have a 2 letter prefix, eg SB = "Surf and Bar" MB = "Mooching and Bait".


The 2-3 letter prefix is followed by a series of numbers. The first 2-3 numbers denote the length of the blank in inches, eg, 132, 136, 120, 114, 108. 96, 84 etc.


Here's where it gets a little complicated--in the GSB, GLB and SSU series, the last number will be a 1 or a 2 and will tell you whether it's a one or two piece blank. In the fiberglass series, the last number will tell you the power of the blank. In the XRA series, you can bang your head against the wall trying to figure it out. In some of them, the last number will tell you the chronological order in which the blank was introduced. In others, it will tell you the power of the blank. A 3 or 4 digit number followed by a "/2" will tell you that it's a two piece blank. Good luck trying to make sense out of it.


Lastly, except for the XRA series, the blank model code will end with a letter. With the black graphites and the SSU series, this will tell you the power of the blank (L, M, MH, or H). The action is constant across the line--moderate for the black graphites, moderate-fast for the SSUs. With the glass blanks, the last letter will tell you the action of the blank (S, M, MF, F, XF).



This was posted by NJTramcar on 10/9/08:


I have a rod I never use.


It is a Silstar Big water graphite Viper Pro.


Code is VPG902BWS


V = Viper

P = Pro

G = Graphite

9 = 9 feet

0 = zero inches

2 = 2 piece

B = ?

W = ?

S = ?


Could that mean Big Water Salt for deep sea fishing?



So far that's all I can find on the subject. I know there are a lot of guys in the same boat when it comes to reading all these numbers and letters on a rod. If anyone else has any other helpful information to add, that would be great!




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