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Cool Hand Fluke

I have now seen it all....seriously

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Welcome to She Pee


She Pee (P-Mate) is a product that allows women to wee standing up without giving anything away


Do you desperately need the toilet but you can’t find one?

Do you queue for a long time when you find a toilet?

When you get into the cubicle is it so dirty you would rather not bother?

Do you sometimes wish you could go anywhere, like the men do?

Are there times when squatting just doesn’t seem appropriate?

Do you think sitting on a public toilet compromises your personal hygiene?

Do you get uncomfortable trying to hold in your pee while hunting for a clean toilet?



383Top She Pee Moments


Festivals – when portaloos are too awful to consider sitting on

Camping – when you don’t want to bare your bum in the bush

Queues – you’re caught in line but there’s nowhere to pee without losing your place and your mystique

Pubs, clubs and concerts – when queuing for hours and hovering over the loo may be the only option because the toilet is so gross

Public toilets – when you don’t want to perch your bum where thousands of germs have gone before

On the road – when you can’t wait for the next rest step

Trains, planes and automobiles – when facilities can be too vile to sit on

Travelling – third world toilets can be best avoided

Skiing – don’t get caught short on the piste

Boating – when your choice may be a bucket or a hole

Pregnancy – weak bladders doesn’t have to be a nightmare




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You need to get out more often



The “She-inal” was created by Kathy Kidder Jones, who founded a company in Pensacola in the early 1990s to create and market her patented invention, where women are supposed to use the hose to stand while relieving themselves. Her idea got enough traction that these contraptions ended up in quite a few Dairy Queens around the country, and a few other places as well.



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