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Whopper Bubba

The Most Infamous Football Game in History

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Oh, I pity you youngsters out there.


It started out as a great matchup on a sleepy Sunday with fathers and brothers, and friends and Kiddies getting together to watch a matchup of great teams and quarterbacks. The year before, Oakland had been defeated by Green Bay and Bart Starr in the second Superbowl (not even known as that until the next year) and in the following January, Jo Willy GUARANTEED that his Jets would win the Superbowl against the legenday Colts led by their even more legendary QB. He did. The game this Sunday was the Super Bowl Champion Jets led by Joe Willy Namath ( averaging 20 yards per completion) against the evil Oakland Raiders led by the "Mad Bomber" Darryl Lemonica. He would throw a bomb any time, anywhere on the field. Great game which the Jets were leading by over a touchdown and................ with a minute to go........................the network announced they were switching to their regularly scheduled Sunday Night Movie.


Cursing followed in homes across America, but nothing in comparison of what was to come. The movie credits were still running when Lamonica hit his receiver on a crossing pattern while in full stride and he shot in for a touchdown. The movie was just starting when Oakland kicked off. It wasn't an onside kick or a deep drive into the endzone. It was a knuckler down the middle taken on the 10 or 15 yard line and dropped. He picked it back up and had just started up field when he was hit and stripped! The ball shot into the endzone and was dropped on by 5 surrounding Oakland Raiders. It took a few minutes before the network (CBS, I believe) decided that the movie watchers might like to know the surprize outcome of the game. The announcement was made! Then..........

the Kukai hit the fan!


The networks had never had such a mass volume of phone calls before. The networks had never been madly cursed by viewers before. Ladies answering the phone cried and quit on the spot. Even scarier for the networks, fans called the advertizers and cursed them out vowing never to buy their products again. The network followed with and apology at the evening news time the following night, even showing the final minute of the game. This infuriated the football fans even more. Later, they then announced that no game in the future would ever be prematurely dropped. This was an insisted upon change in the contract with the National Football League and has been in ever contract since then


The Infamous HEIDI Game!!!!!!!!!

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