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Zippers, Gift Idea

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This isn’t a gift you might choose to present to someone; it's my spinoff idea to you who may sticky zippers.  I had just run into problem:


Originally Posted by Sandpounder View Post

OK guys and gals, I've used a chest pack for years and no matter how hard I try, zippers always lock up after the salt dries. I wash them each time, I've put light coatings of oil on as well, but it still happens, especially the small tooth zippers. Anyone got a trick to prevent this?




And remembered this solution from all of the good, but few, suggestions.


Originally Posted by borntafish View Post

Take it from a retired Navy deepsea diver "BEES Wax". Used it on my wetsuits and dry suits never had a problem. Even when they used to use the old brass zippers. that used to gum up with green vertigrissmile.gif


Bee’s wax was a challenge to find, I thought that I would try orthodontic appliance wax from the drug store.  Don’t bother.


However, here is my “discovery” and my gift to you:  I remembered that I had Filson wax.  This is an oil finish wax for maintaining water repellency of oil cloth hats and garments:  ­icon14.gif


Some may find it to be gold—others:  a real gem.  cwm13.gif


And here's a wish to all:  Merry Christmas.  HappyWave.gif





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There is a product made by SHURHOLD found in marine stores called Snap-stick. Made for the lubrication of snaps and zippers. Comes in a stick to apply. Give it a try . JP Merry Xmas

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icon14.gif  John P, thanks for another suggestion and another heads up.  Initially, wax and soap in general (Ivory, specifically) were the DYI solution to sticky (or impossible) zippers. 


However, speedracer had commented that “They actually sell a lubricant specifically for zippers.  I forget the name, but I’m sure someone knows it”:

  • joep51  Zip-Tech by McNett

  • John P  Snap-stick, by Shurhold


John P, you’ve caused me to wonder if this isn’t just Chap-Stick with a less fruity fragrance, for the marine niche.


I hadn’t thought of this, but since the time when my wife was a little kid she would poke the stem of a pierced earring into Chap-Stick when having difficulty.  Chap-Stick for smoothly working lips—who knew:  and teeth too! 


(I actually haven’t tried this on zippers; mine are presently working fine.)  tongue.gif


Thanks, again.

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