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Occupy 1038 - It's your local= take it back

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Whose running your local now? Something smells fishy.


Rachel Merrill (now President) - Currently target of a recall and charges to the national for abuses of authority, evidence of money laundering in relation to a sexual harrassment settlement caused by Paul Alexanders well as charges of abuse of staff and retaliatory actions against those who provided witness accounts validating harrassment charges against Paul alexander.


Kevin Tauro (now executive VP) - Suspended from all union service and business for one year after being found guilty by a national tribunal for actions committed while serving under Carla Katz in Local 1034. Also under scrutiny for misappropriation or at least mismanagement of health fund money in his local offices.


Fonda Jackson (Secretary) - Under charges to the national for providing false witness against another rep who demnded accountability for Paul Alexanders actions and questioned Rachel Merrills actions in attempting to launder money and hide money intended for a payment to settle the sexual harrassment charges. Claimed the rep acted in a racist and sexist manner triggering a $20,000.00 member paid investigation that found all claims to be baseless and unsubstantiated


Tom Fagan (Senior Staff Rep) - Formally of 1036 and self announced to other staff members that he was fleeing pending charges from that local when hired by Paul and Rachel to replace another rep they were trying to expel for same defense of harrassed employee and questioning money laundering by Rachel. Now facing charges and possible NLRB actions for attempting to strong-arm 1038 staff into adopting the Staff Union he is president of (UEU) after being promised by Paul and Rachel that the staff would comply.







Brothers and Sisters!

Occupy the Trenton CWA 1038 Office

5:30PM December 7th, 2011

15 West Front Street (basement office)

Trenton, NJ


Public open parking available in Department of Labor parking lots

John Fitch Plaza

PLEASE READ THIS 1038 Stewards Petition For National Intervention

Let them know what you think: http://recallcwa1038.********.com/2011/12/recall-cwa-local-1038-e-board-new.html


Who’s running your local now?


Rachel Merrill: President-

Rachel has pending charges for money laundering , abuse of staff, harassment, complicity in same type of infractions while serving under Paul Alexander who resigned over same charges (charges PMA_charges.pdf )in several lawsuits(1st PMA_Complaint.pdf , 2nd PMA_2_complaint.PDF) as well as sexual harrassment charges.

In an effort to protect and hide the facts of a sexual harassment suit against Paul Alexander (Previous President who resigned and allowed her to ascend to the office), Rachel did order and have generated, a check in the amount of $33,000.00, made payable to “Cash” and did deposit the check into her personal account in an effort to hide from Local Members the purpose of the payout to a staff member who Paul Alexander conceded he harassed through the acceptance of a monetary settlement over her request that he instead resign. The check did not go through when the Local Treasurer was made aware of the attempted subterfuge and ordered payment on the check stopped with the bank. This is called “Money Laundering”.

Now she is your President.

We should also note, her first official action immediately after taking the presidency was to GO ON VACATION, and NOT letting members know what was happening in our local.


Kevin Tauro: Vice President-

You probably didn’t know he was your vice president because Rachel “Appointed” him to the position through an undemocratic email notification to executive Board members that SHE appointed him and they should “Respond there acceptance” of her decision. The By-Laws say quite clearly that the WHOLE E-Board is responsible for making the appointment and NOT that they are there to rubber stamp her decisions:

“Section C: Vacancies

A vacancy in the office of the local president shall be filled by the local Executive Vice President (She appointed herself). Vacancies in other offices shall be filled by APOINTMENT OF THE LOCAL EXECUTIVE BOARD, subject to approval by the local membership within sixty (60) days”

(How long has he been appointed by Rachel and how long until you, as members are officially notified get to vote on it?)


You could have a voice in this BUT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD BY RACHEL. You may have found out HERE first.

NO Membership meeting, NO E-Board Meeting, NO Alternate E-Board nominations, NO immediate notification to members to allow them a voice and a choice. NO DEMOCRACY!

It should also be noted that Kevin was SUSPENDED and BARRED from the local and local activities for a year after the Local 1034 fallout for his activities in bringing disrepute to the local.

Now he is your Vice President.


Fonda Jackson- Secretary

Pending charges for filing false witness statements against a local rep, falsely accusing him of racist and sexist attacks on Rachell Merrill in an attempt to disparage his character as revenge for his part in providing support and witness against Paul Alexander and questioning Rachel Merrill’s attempt to launder member funds in the sexual harassment payoff. Members paid $20,000.00 to have these charges investigated and found to be completely unsubstantiated and unfounded.

She is your Secretary


Several members of the 1038 staff and steward members have contacted and been involved in the exposure of all the above atrocities being committed by Paul Alexander’s hand-picked panel of puppets and it seems, based on backroom moves, he is STILL manipulating the local through advice to the above persons.


Additionally, Immediately prior to his tentative resignation, Paul hired Tom Fagan, from Local 1036, knowing that Tom Fagan might have been fleeing pending charges at 1036 per remarks he made to and in the presence of several staff members and reps. Now staff members are compiling a complaint to file NLRB charges against Tom Fagan for strong-arming them to accept the Staff Union he resides as President of (UEU) as their union.

Immediately prior to Paul Alexander’s tentative resignation, Paul ordered all staff members to accept the UEU, presided over by Tom Fagan, as their representative Union and ended the conversation by saying “We never had this conversation”. Those contacts were immediately followed up on by Tom Fagan at which point he aggressively pressured the staff to sign with his staff union.

He is now a senior Rep they are pushing on Labor

If any of this bothers you, let our National Leadership know that enough is enough.

National VP - Chris Shelton - 212-344-2515

District 1 - 1-609-278-6588

Trenton District 1 Office 732-505-5580

National President - Larry Cohen - 202-434-1100


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