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First Images from Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing 2011 *video*

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X-post from the main forum for those who rarely visit...


Having recently fished what is probably my last saltwater day of 2011, it was time to edit a fraction of the massive amounts of images taken from 2011 and this clip is the result of a weekend's work. It is only a small slice of what was captured during the season and a full 25-30min (or more) version will probably be finished in February.


I will either put that up in a similar format and/or make a DVD available.


A little recap: I got hooked on videography a few years ago and have since been carrying around cameras and various mounting devices wherever I fish hoping to capture the feeling of the amazing images we are lucky see from time to time while fishing. At the end of a season I've made videos with the ultimate purpose of creating an archive for my and my kids future viewing.


Here's the early edit. It is short, barely 3 minutes, but as always, let it preload and turn up the volume. Best watched in HD and full screen.



Music was an edit from:

Something Heavens - H.U.V.A Network


Hope you enjoy...there's a lot more to come.


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Fantastic stuff. If it's not too much hassle, could you give us an idea of the kind of equipment you're using? I want to get a feel for how much of a remortgage I'm looking at ;)



No hassle at all!



Panasonic Lumix GH2 with 14-140 kit lens - $1100-$1400 depending on where and when purchased

GoPro Hero HD - $200 for HD Hero, $300 for Hero2


The GH2 is an insane little camera. Google will provide a lot of details on what's been done to it. The firmware has been decoded by a Russian named Vitaley Kisilev and hackers have utilized his tool to allow users to upload new parameters into the camera to take full advantage of the sensor and processors. For this price, you cannot find a better video image. Unfortunately, the hack has developed over time and the early images of the year were taken pre-hack and only the latest images (montauk/new jersey) utilized the more recent versions.


One downside is the clip files are huge, so memory cards start to add up. I carry around the following to use either in the GH2 or GoPro:

5 Sandisk 16gb extreme cards

2 Sandisk 32gb

Cost varies


Other lenses:

Panasonic 20mm Pancake - $350

Panasonic 100-300mm - $500

Olympus 9-18mm - $500



B+W Circular Polarizers - $160 - $200 (depending on size)


Other accessories:

Tripod: Varies. I sprung for one with carbon legs and it has made a difference in the weight I carry around.

Clamps and extenders arm for boat or jetty towers: ~$200

Underwater housing for GoPro (flat lens): $70

Spare batteries: $$

Step up rings for filters: $40 for a range of sizes

Lens cleaning tools: $20


I'm sure I'm forgetting some critical pieces, but this is generally what I have on hand at any given time.


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I am very impressed ...and somewhat envious. I have been playing, modestly compared to what you are doing, with my Gopro. Enough to have a full understanding of the fact that, as much as the money for the equipment can sometimes be seen to be the barrier between those who DO and those who wish they COULD, the REAL barrier is the TIME, and hassle of organizing and carrying a LOT of equipment around...then putting the rod down and SHOOTING hours upon cumulative hours...then the time downloading HUGE files....then doubling all that time with editing (you didn't mention your editing program...but I expect it and a computer that can handle it costs more than your video equipment). And the, of course, the taste talent to put it all together as art.


Very, very impressive. The fish you MISSED by filming are probably more than most here caught all season. Keep it up, you have the magic.


Peter Patricelli

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