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Follow the thug, THEN follow the money.

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This drug company that Obama paid off?  The one with the guy Perelman?   Well guess who else landed there?  just got appointed to the Board of Directors to lend his vast knowledge of medicine? 


Andrew Stern. 


Stern was Obama's number one capo regime until the FBI started investigating him, then he went underground.  Stern is now on the board of this Siga Technologies making phony smallpox pills and getting paid under the table by Obama.


I was watching Casino not too long ago, and the characters clicked to me.

Deniro's character is Bush.  Means well, wants to do right, but naive, a little slow and a bit too self absorbed.

Obama is Joe Pesci.  he's just there to bust the joint out by any means possible and as fast as he can.


Election time is nearing.  Some Democrats that were running away from Obama have stopped and turned, and are now leading a charge.  Claire Mcaskill from Missouri has seen the light and is trying to pin this on the one.


Obama and his followers are being surrounded and cut off.

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Andrew Stern former SEIU President? Interesting.


For story background, remember: Tony Rezko sentenced to ten years and Blago due for sentencing in early December.....


How has the Obama Justice Department kept these dirty pals quiet? My guess is a promise of an early pardon. Things don't look great for 2012. Such a promise might have kept these rats from dumping what they know. Of course, Justice is doing the bidding of Obama. No one to offer time off in exchange for times, dates, people. I hate when that happens.


The Chicago corruption machine moves on without missing a beat.


As for Mcaskil, my guess is that the good people of Missouri will see through her transparent play and vote her out. She'll make a good lobbyist.

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