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shimmano stradic or saragosa

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have two lamiglass rods, a 10' & an 11' and only one reel, a stradic fi 8000.

want to get a 2nd reel and have been looking over the specs for the saragosa f 8000 and the new stradic fj 8000, as compared to the stradic fl.

just based on specs alone it seems to me if i go with the saragosa or the new stradic i'll pay more and get less.

for example:


line retrieve max drag ball bearings gear ratio weight price


stradic fi 8000 42" 29 lbs 5 5.7:1 20.5 oz $170 - this is my current reel


saragosa f 8000 36" 27 lbs 5 5.2:1 20.6 oz $230


stradic fj 8000 35" 29 lbs 5 4.8:1 20.5 oz $240



can anyone can tell me why the saragosa or the new stradic would be a better reel?

thanks for your assistance.

happy thanksgiving


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How has your current stradic treated you? I'm guessing pretty well if you are keeping it. If that's the case, why eff with it... Get another. As a matter of fact there is a large online tackle shop that is having a clearance on the fi series. I believe the 6000 and 8000 were listed at 169. I would go "direct" to that "tackle" shop. ;)

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Originally Posted by Dansmith View Post


Gosa, The new stradics have a cheap plastic gear on the shaft. I don't know if I trust it. The gosa is a proven design.


The 'gear'  isn't "cheap plastic" - it has a metal base underneath and the rest is nylon, and it serves mainly to make noise in junction with the clicker as line is peeled against the drag, not to act as a gear in terms of cranking etc.   Plus it cups/protects the small slick washers that the spool rotates on when the drag is pulled out.  I see it as an improvement over the older designs which leave the washers hanging in the breeze on top of an unsecured flat washer with a pinion 'gear' pattern stamped into it.




Some of the spec on the reels can't be accurate on the Shimano website as the capacity of one reel vs. the other is larger for 12lb mono but then lower for 40lb powerpro.  Either the spool's bigger or it's not.  I haven't handled any Stradic FJ bigger than the 5000 so I am surprised to see the weight of the Gosa and FJ to be listed as nearly the same in the 8000 - the FJ is one of the lightest/stiffest reels Shimano has cranked out to date, while the Gosa, lovingly, is a bit of a tank.  I'd want to double check those numbers.  I will tell you that my brand new 5000 Stradic FJ's  are dynamite reels and almost instantly have become the favorites.


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