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Jersey Salt

Question about RE building a rod.

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Here is a question for all you builders out there. I have an old tica 9 ft. rated for 1/2 to 3 that has served well as a backup rod or loaner for buddies the past 5-6 seasons. I like the action, and it has some sentimental value being that i used it to catch my pb. i now have a couple of st. croix that see alot more use than this rod but i just dont want to let it go. i know its a low dollar rod, but i was wondering how much it would run me to replace the guides. They are all in shabby shape from rough use. last week it slid down the side of my car and hit the pavement guides first cracking a couple in the process. I am diy savvy enough to cut off the old guides and re wrap some new ones, but my questions are as follows.


1.  What size guides do i need to do the job assuming i would do them all.

2. how much will the set of guides cost.

3. where do i order the stuff for the job, including thread, and cement.


Thanks for taking the time to share you knowledge. Tight lines.

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Hi Jersey


Doing guide replacement is simple enough, however if you are doing just one rod then it may turn out cheaper to get someone to do it for you.


Guides are relatively cheap, to replace like for like you would be looking at around $50 for a guide set, approx $4 for thread, approx $10 for epoxy. Approx $10 for other items such as razor blades, masking tape etc.


The expense comes into for a few items such as how will hold the rod whilst wrapping the guides, how will you tension the thread, and most importantly how will you dry the epoxy. Basic sets for these cost about $150 bucks.


There are cheap ways to do this e.g. use a cardboard box with V cutouts to hold the rod, use a heavy book to run the thread through, and finally turn the rod by hand until the epoxy dries. This involves turning the rod every 1-2 minutes for approx 3 hours, though.


In relation to size, use the size that is already in the rod, in the locations already wrapped. You could write a book (and several have) on where to place guides etc for better perfomnace etc, but a one for replacement is the simplest method.



I dont want to breach forum rules about where to buy these products. You guys over the USA are absolutely spoilt for choice for rod building supplies though (Im in Australia).


It is a lot mucking around and expense to do yourself. I would think it would be cheaper and quicker to get someone to do it for you. If you intend to get into custom rod building through then the expense of the equipment and/or the time to set your own up becomes worthwhile.


Remember the prices above are estmiates only and you will need to pay someone for labour to wrap the guides and place on epoxy. This is relatively time consuming, especially if they need to remove old guides and old epoxy.


Hope this helps


Regards Adam



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