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Megabass Vision 110 HF Jerk Baits FS

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I have two of these. They are absolutely 100% new in package and have never been opened or even taken out of the package for photos etc.

I'll sell them each for $28.50 shipped USPS or $54.00 shipped USPS for both of them.

The color is "Stealth Bait". It is EXTREMELY hard to find and sold out everywhere I know of. These both still have the price tags on them ($28.99)


If you're reading this post, you are probably already familiar with these legendary lures.

Here's the info on them from the web:

The Megabass Vision Oneten Hi-Float is the Ito Vision Oneten with high buoyancy. With the 110 High Floater the slightest twitch of the rod produces a lot more action and will dance with a sharp high pitched rolling action. Excellent in cold shallow areas or heavily weeded areas. During tough bites or on heavily pressured lakes when other jerkaits would fail, the 100 High Floater will excel on a slower cadence. Also in shallow water areas you can work this bait with a faster cadence, causing the 110 to swim side to side in a "rise up and dart" action. Getting the attention of every fish in the area!


Key Features


*Yuki Ito's original 3-D hand carved body

*Megabass hydrodynamic form

*Megabass super diamond coating

*Ultra real life-like action

*Custom hand paint jobs



Ito Vision 110 Hi-Floater4.35"1/2ozFloating





Thanks for looking and thanks to Tim S. and SOL!

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