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Toyota is my hero!!!

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I got a letter last year from Toyota about a rust issue on the frame rails on their 1995-2004 Tacomas.

They wanted me to come down and have the truck inspected. They said that they would either:


1) scrape and repaint the frame rail for free

2) remove the frame rail and replace it with a new one for free

3) buy the truck back from me at 1.2 x highest Blue Book value regardless of condition.



I took a look at the frame and it had some rust, but it didn't look that bad to me so I just ignored the letter.

About a month ago they sent me another letter warning me about the problem again.

I had a few days off from work so I decided to have them inspect it and at least get the thing scraped and painted at no cost to me.

5 minutes into the inspection the mechanic came out and said that he found a hole in the frame and Toyota was going to buy my truck from me.


I couldn't believe it!!!

I had a work truck with 205,000 tough miles on it.

It had dents and scratches all over it.

The sliding back window was broken.

The interior was a mess and the driver seat had a huge hole in it.

The front brakes and rotors were completely shot.

The rear bumper was badly rusted and the front bumper had damage from a deer strike.


I checked the Kelly Blue Book value and because of the poor condition of my Tacoma the value of the truck was $2695, but Toyota was paying 1.5 times the highest Blue Book value regardless of condition.

I got a check Monday for $10,560. :) :) :)


The strangest part of the story is that in 11 years the engine has never once given me any trouble. Didn't burn any oil, make funny noises, etc.

So I was pulling out out of the driveway Sunday night and something blew. The truck started lurching and sputtering down the road.

I could barely make it back up the driveway, but I managed to nurse it 10 miles to the dealership the next day.


I took the money and bought another Tacoma on Wednesday.



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your lucky, some people haven't had the luck you have had, they just scrape them and paint them, that's what happened to my buddy,


If my truck had been a 2001 or newer they would have removed and replaced the frame rail. Apparently after 10 years they buy the truck regardless. I bought a used Tacoma that has a new frame rail.

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Congrats , you hit it just right. :laugh:


A scrap yard close by has a contract to process these Tacoma's for Toyota, they must sell them for scrap metal.


Day after day they come by the Truckload...hundreds of them. Some of them look mint but I think they just grind them up.


They probably don't want all those good used parts out there.

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Better yet - I traded in a Chevy truck with zero rust, having only replaced consumables in its 150,000 miles.

How can you rave about a vehicle that rusts out on you so bad that guilt makes them buy it from you.


My BIL's Ford has over 200,000 miles - zero rust,. Just replaced the plugs the first time.

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