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that 30000 looks HUGE...I seen it although get spooled by a LANDBASED TUNA...think the guy had 700+ yards...nice reel...if you have the older stella how would you compare the two?  I had the 14000 and 18000 and got the 08 versions...please give a fishing report on your catches with these reels

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Is the VSX a smoother reel than the standard VS? Just wondering.

I would not be able to tell ya honestly.... I've never touched another vs, No one down here has them in the shops.... But as far as the handle turn goes it's much smoother than I expected it to be... I expected a coffee grinder, Not the case.... It's actually easier to turn than the zb..... BUT the zb definitely feels more expensive and feels a little bit more fluid than the VSX..... I've yet to have the chance to use either. May 18th will be the start of testing :D

I'm in love with both of them equally.

These are the first expensive surf reels I have purchased.... And I'm very excited to be able to use them here soon!

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Picked up a couple of Metanium DC's......SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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