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11 hours ago, Captain Tuttle said:

Tautog.  But I really can't say because they keep spitting the hook.  They could be black sea bass.  Soft takes like small schoolies, but when you apply pressure they react with incredible force and speed.

Very cool - crab fly?

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15 hours ago, stormy monday said:

Got a small keeper on the bottom of the tide from shore and missed a couple pretty solid takes, but I give- what's a white chin?

Bigger male Tagutog (blackfish) have their unique face call a white chin (google it up). 

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Went out front for some lunch action today in Beverly, the water was black with schools of pogies, stretched from Jubilee to Salem Willows to Lynch Park. I couldn't get a fly to sink without snagging a pogie for most of time, when I did there was a schoolie waiting to eat it, but they were pretty small. Went back to a different spot for the drop, no pogies but back to the mid-high 20s fish. Just couldn't believe the numbers of pogies though, wow...

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