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1 hour ago, DonWon said:

True. Can’t lie though it felt good to go out and get the line wet after a long winter.

This^^. Been out 5 times in the Boston area this month, no good reports but it is just nice to be out there. But maybe I'll get annoyed at the consistent skunks when I know there is more striper activity lol

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I just got back from a 1.5 hour session of casting in Annisquam. I didn't hit the tide right but it was the only time I could get out there (I started 2 hours before low and ended 30 min before dead low). I didn't hook up, but I did see and hear ~10-12 fish splash/jump/feed on the surface. The majority of them were in areas I couldn't cast to (the gangplanks/ramps to the docks are not installed yet for the season). So I moved to a beach a few minutes away and saw 3 more big splashes/surface feeds but I just could not reach them with my fly rod I brought out. 


No bites but positive signs.

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3 hours ago, Joe G said:

I'll be taking a walk over the Charles River locks to the Charlestown Marina shortly.

I'll keep an eye out.   ;) 


Just returned.  Unfortunately, it was low water. 

Fish wise....zero sightings.

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