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North Shore Report

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C Bass

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I was hooking up all morning off the rocks on the North Shore this morning. I landed 6 fish, all super healthy, strong and clean. The largest was a solid 33". All catch and release.

I will post pics in a bit.


Today was definately a personal best for me, from shore!


I took a charter, North Shore Charters out of Beverly this past Wednesday morning. Two of us landed 20+ fish. The largest was 37" and 20lbs! They are here and they are crushing macks! For my money, Captain Mark from North Shore Charters is the best striper Captain in the area. I have been going out with him a few times/year for the last 10 and he ALWAYS produces.


PIcs to come.



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New to the forum, from Gloucester.

I figured I'd revive this thread, rather than start a new one.  Wanted to introduce myself, and I'll give a little update on the same spot C Bass was fishing at.  C Bass I'm the guy who has been out on the rocks with you guys a couple times (thanks for mentioning Stripers online, great site).

I've been back to that spot the last couple days (mornings, outgoing tide--mostly low, wrong tide for this spot), and landed 4 fish (two yesterday, two today).  No keepers (although I think I lost one, it was stripping line pretty good before it threw the lure), yesterday's fish were 26" and 27" (so close), today's were tiny (both about 15").  All of them caught on plugs.

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Any more North Shore reports?  I've got no keepers lately, but the 24-26" size class appears to be frequenting the two spots I've visited lately, both off of the rocks in Gloucester.

July will be a light month for me, but I'm going to keep an eye on SOL to keep tabs on how the fishing is going.

Related questions:  Is there a slow period in the middle of the summer up here?  It doesn't seem like the water would get too warm, so maybe the fishing is good (or consistent anyways) right through the summer?


Also, does anyone ever fish Wingaersheek at the mouth of the Annisquam River with success?  And, is there any access to the mouth of the Essex River opposite Crane's Beach?  Perhaps by bike or is it all private propoerty over that way off of Wingaersheek Rd?


C Bass, I got your PM but I think I must be too new to the forum to send one back.  I saw on another thread you might need 15 posts before you can send a PM, so as soon as I get there I'll shoot a message back to you.

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Russ, I went up to the spot on 7/4 and fished from 3:45 to 7:30. Very little bait fish around and I had only a few hits. Another guy was throwing a swimmer for a couple hours and he landed an enormous bluefish...30+" and fat. I switched over to lures for an hour at the end and nothing. Definatley slow going up there right now. Other guys have reported getting into a lot of fish on Cape Ann recently...but not me. I am taking a charter on Tuesday out of Beverly again. I imagine we will chunk off shore a bit...I will let you know how it goes. I was at Crane's on Monday too...not fishing but beaching with the family. I saw one guy take a nice keeper from the channel rip up there at NOON. I wish I had my gear with me...except there were probably 10 thousand people up there! Crane's looked like a great spot though. I plan on hitting it up soon.:)

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