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Hobie Fin Repair! EEEK

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Ok went to repair my fins after a hard hit on some rocks that sent the mast through. Did they have to use a silicone I guess so the stuff does take a beating but it sucks to repair. Going to try Gorilla Glue after I search for some miracle silicone bond that doesn't exist.


They could add some sort of belted reinforcement sleeve around the mast. I'd rather spend the extra cash on a stronger fin then have to limp back with torn ones. Luckily one mast pop'd out high so plenty of meat at the tip but the other tore real close to tip and will definitely pop out again.


Yes i know don't hit rocks .. I can't help it that's where the bass are.



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If you've got turbo fins, they are pretty easily repaired using a soldering pencil. Heat up the iron and work it back and forth over the area to be repaired. You'll get the hang of it pretty quick. I hammer my drive on submerged rocks pretty frequently and have poked the mast through the end of the fin many times.

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