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Fishing report western L.I.

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I launched at around 5:30am. Foggy, with a slight drizzle. I was able to see about 500 yards. I had a destination in mind that I wanted to try out. It was a good hour pedal with a slight wind in my face at trolling speed to the spot. I had two rods out. one with a weighted keel, and 25" dark wine tube. The other was keelless, with a bubblegum tube. Not one hit on the way. At my destination I run across another member of our local kayak fishing club. He told me he had a few hits, and lost his bubblegum tube to a large fish. From then on in it was at least a fish to the yak every other pass. I was fishing in close to a row of piles. Every time I would hook up I would have to turn hard away from the piles, and hammer down on the drag to keep the fish from getting around, and breaking me off. I soon found that all my fish where on bubblegum. So I switched out the red. Next thing I now I have a big hit on the rod on my right. I turn the kayak away from the piles, and grab the rod. As I tighten up on the drag my other rod bends over, and the drag starts to scream. The fish pulls the rod holder almost 180* by the time I grab it. I pull the rod holder back around, and loosen thhe drag a bit so the fish could take line. Ok the wish bone feeling is over. I reeled the rod in my hand in as fast as you could get a 34" green YED to the yak. I got a quick pick before release,500

I grab my other rod to find myself low on line, but the other fish is still there. I winch in my line to find a nice 34" bass. Also a quick pic, and release.500

I had 11 bass to the yak, and 1 blue for the day. I had another half doz. pop off horsing them out. All fish where caught on a bubble gum tube at different depths. The day cleared up real nicely. Except for all the nats. I freaked out at one point and lost a good pair of glasses.

Bug spray did even help me.

Get out, and fish. They are here. Tight lines, and screaming reels.


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