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Angler #1

Ode to a Rock

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I was at the ditch today standing on my friend Joe G's place of fishing and just thinking about how many have fished it over the years. I decided to pen a tribute of sort to the rock,keep in mind I do not have any poetry skills.


Whose rock is it,yours or mine?

Depends upon who will get there first.

If you are first,just hold it for me as I will be along shortly.

If I am first,maybe we can share it.

It depends,if you are on the large size,maybe a weight loss will be enough and maybe it will not.

Look very close at the rock and see the worn lines of my feet upon the surface,does this give me seniority rights?

It depends on who is older,to find the answer,turn over the rock. Is your birthdate and intials enscribed on the rock of ages?

It depends on who is stronger,you might not be able to turn the rock over to see my intials on the bottom, but they are there.


My rock your rock who cares?

It depends,do you still want to remain friends?

I will give you my rock to fish from,as I am that type of person.

It depends,if you can carry it away in order for me to replace the rock to start anew.

You see that is how I got to fish the rock in the first place.

It depends upon where you will place the rock,in front of my secret spot or yours,if we remain friends.

Countless fisherman have called me home,but only God knows the true owner of the rock that has been shared through out the years.



If any one can add a line please do so. Angler



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i arrived at my rock,late at night,

to see someone fishing it ,gave me a fright,

i told him to leave,get the heck off my rock,if you don't go,your head i must knock!

i yielded my sabre,an 11 foot pole,i said to the man, "your heads gonna roll",the intruder left,without a fight,i landed a 50 pound cow that night!biggrin.gif...just kiddin angler!


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Angler #1..........great post my friend and well said, but since you mentioned the Almighty in the last line of yourpost let carry forth with that theme:


Fishers, cast out into the deep and let down your lines.

And when they had done this, they caught a great multitude of fishes, but their lines broke.

Luke 5 4,6


Now follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

And they forsook their lines and rock and followed Him.

Mark 1 17, 18


Joe G

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Try this one for a different view


Your rock or my rock?

Who really knows

It was here before me

Passed down with its' many memories

I have added mine

And now I pass it to you

For you to add to



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This rock or that rock?

a tough decision to make

you think about each...

as you approach the beach

the light already faded

and you hear the sea beginning to swirl

and you notice both rocks

are taken after all

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