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Soaking mono in hot water

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Big Biscuit

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have done it for years, always worked 4 me--------X


i was instructed to do this by a rep from Stren Co. hot tap water. another thing was to spool up from larger diameter bulk spools rather than 1/4lb size, larger coils less loops.

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I just heard a better way,, and believe he posted it somewhere in our pages..Rockfishsmartie I believe,,, tie your line to a big barrell and anchor it ,,say to a telephone pole or like..(mailbox pole),,open bail ,,take a walk and line will spin barrell and take majority if not all twists out.

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View PostDoes anyone soak thier mono line in hot water to avoid line twist? Does this harm the mono? I know it makes it limp as a noodle and easy to spool. headscratch.gif


yes,I have done this for 33 years,it makes the line behave very nice.


it takes the stress out and makes it easier to break in.


as for making it brittle,I have never seen that.


it is not for removing line twist,I use ball-bearing swivels to tame that,,,I am talking winch reels not twisters.


twisters twist line no matter what so,try using a ball bearing swivel from the start,it does help despite what others may say.


I fish winches exclusively.




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View PostI tried it, it only makes it worse from my experience. Turns stiff and brittle. Walk it out if you can.



View PostHow hot?


I'd think boiling (212) and coming incontact with the pot would affect the line adversely.



I have been doing this for 20 plus years. In cold water would not do in boiling! Started with freshwater fishing using rubber worms,It takes all the twists out and the line lays out perfectly smooth! please please try this trick it works wonders and I dont use cheap crappy lineclapping.gif

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I spool it on with a rag soaked in Line and Lure conditioner. Then I tie it to the telephone pole in the corner of my yard and walk it out down the street.

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