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5 hours ago, PeterO said:

It was quick and easy, and just eggplant, no pasta at all.  I like grilled eggplant and my next venture with it may be a moussaka.  You fish stew looks tasty!

should I post the stew recipe here, or make its own thread? 

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On ‎4‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 9:26 PM, Big Biscuit said:

Cod on the grill. 







BB - DAMN!   That looks delicious.  I gotta try that

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Looks like they came out incredible!  Nice ring!!   appreciate any details on timing, rub/marinade, etc.





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first time I ever did them....they were only for me so I just kind of threw some stuff together as a trail run.....and I did them completely "wrong" according to all the popular stuff you find online........most folks steer away from sweet, meaning brown sugar in the rub, apple juice...etc..but I rubbed them, pretty sparingly with 


then came over the top with a ton of fresh cracked pepper.....three hours on charcoal and oak chunks....then about two hours foiled with a little sesame oil, apple juice and maybe a half stick of butter...pulled them off in the high 180's and let them rest while I did the brussels. …..unbelievably moist as you can tell from the picture and really good....the sesame oil came through very lightly and was a nice addition. 

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