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Steve in Mass

Tusslin' With the Jersey Blues.....

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So, it was an uneventful ride down Thursday morning, other than a massive car fire that I witnessed on 287 going to the Tappen Zee...fortunately, it DIDN'T involve a blue Volvo with Mass plates....wink.gif


Fished with Arby and Rick Thursday night after I got nothing on the beach Thursday afternoon in what was more of a scouting trip than anything.....Arby temporarily lost his SkateMaster crown to yours truely, as I beached about 8 or ten of the things, along with a sand shark. Rick ran into a spiney variety, and Arby had his share of skates, but I was the Skate King, at least for one night.....


Friday morning in SSP found me on the beach. Had one small blue in the two-three lb range, and then a nice 33" bluefish. I had guessed 6-6 1/2 lbs. Put it on the hook at a local bait shop....the owner guessed 6 lbs at first, then said "No it's got shoulders, maybe 8 lbs" our suprize, turned out to be just over 9 lbs.


Friday afternoon met up with Ben Lippen and Chief500 for a plugging session in various areas from the Park up to Lavellette. 5 hours or so of casting and some very sore arms later had Ben and I skunked, and Chief with two mini-micro bass he got at the very last spot we went to. He also got a fluke, but couldn't coax a weakie and a blue for his shot at a "Jersey Slam". But, we had some good food and beverages, and a fun BS session in


Saturday again found me on the beach in SSP with 2 more smaller bluefish. In the PM as the strom was mounting, I had a whole lot of nothing....


Sunday morning went with Arby and Rick toggin at a spot that shall remain nameless....wink.gif....and it was slow. Lots of lost rigs and knot tying pratice, two tog for me to about 13", two for Arby a bit smaller, and Rick would have gotten the skunk if it wasn't for his lone Sollygrowl....tongue.gif


Sunday afternoon was a monsoon, so I ended up watching a lot of football and keeping the local liquor store in business.


Monday early AM I had to re-scout the beaches, as the storm had filled in all the holes I knew of and created different ones. During the scouting session, I ran across the local SSP beach nut.....he evidently forgot to take his meds, and I was treated to quite a tirade of cursing and insults, and I wanted no part of him....seems the police department is familiar with him, cause after a quick stop at the station to report him, I found two cruisers up at the beach looking for him..and told me it was one of two people.....not sure they ever found him though...


So, moved up a few blocks to try to steer clear of him.....FINALLY saw a fish on my hook with stripes, albiet only about 21". Also got another 3-4 lb bluefish.


Headed further north and ran into Rick and his buddy Charlie. All the clams on the beach you could want, no need to buy any bait for the next few days....wink.gif, and the seagulls got quite full.


Had a few hits I missed, Rick got 3 or 4 small stripers, one of the "slot" variety, but all went back to swim another day. Charlie also had 2 or 3.


After lunch and a few errands, Rick and I went back out in the PM, and again we got a few small stipers and our share of skates.


Tuesday I went out early for an hour or so plugging to be disappointed by the meteor non-shower and a lack of fish. Then met up with a proprietor of another fishing website. We hit 4-5 places in the Park, had our share of missed hits, and did see some breaking fish right in front of us.....though Bob almost hit one on the head with his popper, but they just weren't interested. He did manage a small bluefish and a windowpane, but other than that, it was a slow day.


Tuesday night went up to Lavellette and waited for Rick. Was getting late, and I was looking at my first day of total skunking (Thursday doesn't count, that was arrival and scouting day...wink.gif)


Just before Rick showed up, just at the turn to outgoing, I was treated to a doubleheader of bluefish. That was a first, I have had doubleheaders of stripers in the past, and of course doubleheaders of skates, but never of bluefish.


Rick showed up, and so did the fish....had another small blue and 2-3 stripers of the 20" countwise, it was my best couple hours of fishing for the whole trip.


Wednesday AM the ocean was devoid of fish, nobody getting anything anywhere. It was my last day and I was getting depressed, thinking I should have left that morning as I originally planned.


Met up with Rick again Wednesday night. Had a few missed hits, and it was getting late. I was expecting to have the last (extra) day be a total loss.....then, a few minutes later I got another shark. Oh wonderful. Figured I'd give it another 20 minutes.


Rick and I were BS'ing, and my drag starts clicking, and then singing. Lay into the fish, and it's pulling back nicely, and started heading towards the rocks. "Gotta be a nice striper", we both thought. After a bit of a fight, I find a 30" 10.5 lb blue at the end of my line.....not a bad way to finish a trip, though I was really hoping it was of the striped variety.


Thursday I packed up and had another uneventful ride, other than the requisite back up on 95 in "The Construction State", but only lost about 15-20 minutes and made it home in 5 1/2 hours....


Chief, was great to meet, fish, and chow with you and Ben. Ben, good to see ya again. Arby and Rick, twas a pleasure, as always. Was fun to meet Bob and fish with him, even though it was a slow day. Jeepster, sorry it didn't work out...crying.gif, but kid's stuff happens. The SOL "Lurker" from Pa that I met at the motel, was good to chat with ya again, hope you did better after I left. Other guys I had hoped to see, well, the weekend weather put a bit of a damper on everyone's plans....


I'll be back.........


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Steve, it was good to meet you too. Glad the ride home was uneventful for ya. Sounds like ya tried to find some stripes to take home just didn't work out. Maybe next year. I look forward to hooking up again. At least we can get some more of the grub.



SOL #669

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Nice report. Thanks for all of the interesting details.


Sorry the stripeys didn't post a little better, but that's fishing. At least you had good company.



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Steve, it was great seeing you again too. And gettin to fish with you this time was a bonus! Sorry about draggin' ya all over creation icon15.gif

I'm glad you didn't take the total skunk home with you....Maybe we should call you

Blue Steve tongue.gif):




Ben Searchin....

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Sorry about not makin it out but like ya said kid's happen biggrin.gif. Not only that but a trip to the hospital for me wasn't to much fun either I really don't like hospitals frown.gif

give me a call sometime.


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