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magnet placement

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Here is a repost:


"Cliffnotes here:


So easy, and it only takes 2 minutes, tops.


1. Go to radio shack and get 2 packs of the 1/8" rare earth magnets, they come 2 in a pack, so you'll have 4 magnets. It's less than 4 bucks total.


2. Remove the 3 screws on the clicker side.


3. Remove the metal ring that runs around the edge of the reel that the screws passed through.


4. Hold the reel so that the clicker side is facing up towards the ceiling and gently remove the side plate.


5. You will now be looking at 4 little silver magnets sitting on a black bar.

Check the polarity by running a magnet over them, they should alternate, push, pull, push pull. If they

Don't, flip them over till they do.


6. Stick one radio shack magnet, under the black bar, right under each of the original silver magnets. You

Can push them with a pencil point to make them line up better.


7. Put the side plate back on, then the ring and screws-- congratulations your done!!!


Most of this came right from your illustrious brethren here on this board, but it worked a little bit differently for me than I had read, so there you go.


With the control up to 8 you get the 1/2ounce crock into a heavy head wind thumbs up. In the same conditions you need a little thumb with a ½ once plastic swim bait and if you go below 5 the reel is still very fast. This addition makes for a much more versatile reel. Go for it."


Have fun<



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