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A few years ago, I saw a fisherman snag a carp in the GGNRA.  It was obviously sick, but it was alive and "swimming".  How it survived that long in the salt is beyond me, and it was definitively a carp (of the fw variety).  What that fisherman did with the carp I don't want to know.

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No, got them from a local friend. Never gone out myself.


I guess you make a big grappling hook and try to grab the kelp at the root and pull the whole thing in with the eggs.


Harder to find though, not so much kelp around. Used to be common up here, but it's becoming more of a delicacy.


And yah, I love the stuff :p


Here's another pic of fish eggs :) We got a bunch of dog (chum) eggs last fall and brined them. Soooo good! I participated in the catching of the salmon:



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