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Max Drag Daiwa 50SLX with Carbontex?

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Hi, if any one could help - the Daiwa SLX50 can output 17lb of drag out of the box - was wondering what kind of drag it can ouput with carbontex drags? is there much of a difference (before I go buy some?) If someone has done it already I would appreciate some feedback on performance/max drag.

Thanks in advance... wink.gif

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Using carbon drag washers will make your drag smoother, especially on start-up and especially if you grease them. Did you measure your reel with a spring scale or are you taking the manufacture's specs?


Actually, according to some articles I read, greased carbon drag washers decreased max drag by a very small amount. They are definately worth it in my opinion. If you get the stock washers wet you will have a sticky drag.


Why do you need more than 17lbs of drag on that reel?

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